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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whidbey Classic

Family photo...Moses and Yoko with their mother, Kilt

Looking through the flowers at the sheep on the field

Yoko and Moses looking picturesque on Sue Crocker's property

Day one and two have finished. I have nothing spectacular to report other than I'm having a mighty fine time. I love everyone here in the Pacific Northwest. The comraderie can't be beat. Kilt scored a mediocre 65 in open on day 1...good enough to make the top 15, but nothing to brag about. Yoko had "antelope" for sheep in her first nursery class. They ran the course never slowing until the pen. Yoko received a low 45, but I was impressed with everything she did.

Today, Kilt was an idiot in open. I had no brakes (imagine that)...hahahaha It was pouring down rain when I ran. The sheep don't move off people. I got a bit frustrated at the pen and jumped up and down at them. Kilt thought she would do the same and jumped in at them. She gave chase to one that split off. She is 5 yrs. old and most certainly knows better. I retired her.

Both nursery outruns of Yoko's would be hard for anyone to beat. They were wide, deep and perfect. Since it was raining, Sue MacDonald who was setting had a huge orange rain hat on. Yoko began her lift and when she reached Sue, you would have thought she saw a ghost. She started barking at her. Geez...I'm glad she didn't bite her. It took her awhile to get her back on her sheep. Our drives left a little to the imagination. And, when she got to the pen today, all 5 sheep refused to move from the mouth of the pen and stared at her. She's her mother's daughter. Bing badda bing...she jumped right in their faces. The 2nd time she did it, I retired her, too. End of game.

Later, Sue came by and we introduced Yoko to her and her rain gear. What can I say...she's a Southern California girl. She has never seen the likes of all this fancy rain gear! Tomorrow Yo runs in nursery and pro-novice. This has been a great experience for her. My only goal for her is to have a "fine time." No pressure. Now, Kilt....ahhhh you Kilt, you're another story!

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Karen said...

Welcome to the wet west coast! Hope you are all enjoying the green grass, but I'm sure not the rain so much. It has been a very wet spring.
We live about 50 or 60 miles almost due north of Whidbey Island, just on the other side of the border.