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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today I used a large flock and worked with Jet, Kilt, and Yoko on shedding. Jet is the shed master....always has been. I never taught him....he showed me. Today, I brought him out just to watch what makes him so successful at shedding. Then, I would bring Kilt and then, Yoko to see what they did differently than Jet. This is how I learn.
#1) When I say "here"...Jet comes in directly to me. He can wade through a flock calmly. Sheep are always at ease with Jet.
#2) When I turn towards the sheep I want him to shed, he moves "quickly" and the sea of sheep are parted.
#3) It's a "game" to Jet. He loves it and he's good at it.

Kilt and Yoko have a hard time coming directly to me when I say "here." I can see their eyes shifting from sheep to sheep. Kilt has a hard time walking into the group she has shed. That particular type of pressure bothers her. Sheep don't particularly like Kilt.
Yoko is just in the learning stages. Yoko is learning to come in to me on a clicker. I had to break her concentration off the other sheep. She is coming in fairly calmly, but as soon as I turn and say "this" she growls and tries to go in for a bite. Yoko likes to growl. And, it's not always from lack of confidence. She growls like a mad woman when speeding through agility obstacles. She's vocal. I'm sure she will stop growling when she feels more confident about what she is doing on the shed. A large flock and grass for them to graze on right now is the perfect set-up for teaching shedding. I try to get the flock split with a huge hole between them...just enough to entice a few sheep from one side to want to go to the other group. I call Yoko in to stop the ones that want to go to the other group. At least this way she can go to the head. Hopefully, by the end of the summer she will be comfortable with shedding. :0)

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