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Monday, June 14, 2010


The girls went to a practice match in Porterville today.....a tune up before the Washington trials.
I was quite pleased with both of them. In Porterville they run, novice, pro-novice, and open ranch. If you are an open handler, you must run in open ranch. They both ran in open ranch. Kilt has to run non-competitively because she is an open dog. Yoko normally runs nursery/pro-novice. Yoko is allowed to run competitively in open ranch, not in pro-novice. It's all quite confusing to me. I ask, just put us where we need to be :0)
Kilt received and 84 (N/C) and Yoko took 2nd with an 82. Another competitive dog received an 84 as did Kilt. Kilt still needs to slow down things a notch or two. Yoko....I can't be more pleased with......good girl Yo.

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Karen said...

Congrats, and I love the picture:)