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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eco Scamper

Okay...trying to cut down, throw out, be frugal (oh yeah...right) :0) It seems I have been spring cleaning all spring and getting hardly anywhere. We just donated several used cars to the ASPCA, and now we look like a used trailer lot.
We have a 27 foot toy hauler, a 25 foot RV, and the newest addition is this 18 ft. Eco Scamper.
The RV is being fixed up and will be sold down the road. My husband doesn't hardly ever take vacations, so I'm almost (notice I said almost) am thinking about selling the toy hauler which I love, but won't drive...too big.
I actually was looking for a 16 foot trailer, but ended up with this 18 foot Eco Scamper. The downsize of the small trailers is that they don't have on board generators (at least not in the price range I'm looking in). The teardrops, etc. are too small and cramped and cost a fortune for pretty much nothing.
I've been pretty (kind of, though sure would like my own bathroom) happy sleeping in my Avalanche truck. My husband thought this trailer was a pretty good deal. He promises to teach me to back it (oh yeah....right) :0) We are going to weld on a back rack to carry the generator and possibly my bicycle.
The trailer is very cute and most importantly it has a toilet, shower, reefer, micro, bed, and I can stand up in it. Plus, it has a stick figure Kokopelli on the door. Now that's important! Anyway, I'll have fun packing it with the stuff I need and hopefully, it won't be too big a pain in the arse to hook up and get on the road with...looking forward to it (I think).


Kathy said...

You will like it. And it's not that hard to back up a trailer. I am able to back up our 24 foot trailer and I didn't know anything about how to do that 5 years ago. I go to trials all the time by myself with the trailer.

BTW- love the stick man on the door. (c:

gvmama said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence!