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Friday, June 4, 2010

Intensive Care Unit

New ICU nearly complete
Registered nurses Suzanne Anaya, left, and Ruby Sarte, far right, show Valencia residents Jim and Susie Creighton about the Maxi Sky 600 patient-lift system in one of the 18 private rooms at the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital’s intensive care unit during the unit’s grand opening on Wednesday.

Not exactly a flattering photo of any of us, but that's the newspaper for you. Geez...if I had any of the cameras the reporter had slung over her shoulders I could have done a much better job.

Where I work at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital the new critical care unit is expected to open in mid July. It's pretty fancy. The unit encompasses a "botanical" theme. All the lines in the unit are curved and the recessed lighting is gorgeous. The patient room lighting have dimmers and everything is state of the art. The beds speak over 20 languages to assist the nurse in requesting the patient to turn or asking if they are in pain, etc. Each bed has multiple soft music selections. The beds also have the ability to turn the patients and are motorized for easy pushing to radiology, etc. The theme is green and the Docs have donated their botanical photographic prints to make it even more personalized for each of the patient rooms. The rooms have a botanical name...like the Cypress room, etc. It's too much to put in print here, but I must admit it is so spacious (almost 10,000 sq ft.) and so peaceful. We had well over 500 people from the community come to the grand opening for a walk through.

The one thing I have noticed in the sheep dog world is that lots of us are nurses, photographers, and/or have a history with horses. :0)

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