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Saturday, May 15, 2010

New lambs have arrived

Here is the new crew checking out their new barn......not too shabby!
Sticking together like glue......they are not too sure where they fit in with the other sheep.

Isn't this little barb girl a "beauty?" There is another beauty just like her.

Curious about their first time in the stock trailer and they rode as good as gold.
Big barb crosses crosses standing and 3 adorable Barb ewes waiting to see their new home.

The price was right. $100 for five lambs. Two are barbado crosses and 3 are cute little barb ewes. They were way bigger than I thought they would be. Glad I didn't bring dog crates to put them in. They rode in the stock trailer beautifully. We wormed and vaccinated them before the ride. I was told they would Baaaa horribly for a few days for their mothers. They haven't said a peep. They are busy checking out their new digs and keeping out of the way of the older sheep. :0)

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