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Friday, May 14, 2010

Friends since birth

Carolyn standing in front of her house where she was born some 60 yrs. ago
A picture of my house where I was born some 60 years ago in New York. Of course, Carolyn was born a few weeks sooner making her my 'older' friend.

I was at a ranch trial a few weekends ago and I got a call from my dearest friend, Carolyn, in New York. "Hey ya bird, I'm standing by my house on Colony Lane in Roslyn Heights." Carolyn lived several doors down from me. She was born in December....I was born in January....so she gets all of the "You're older than I am" jokes. We both moved to California in the same year. We both showed horses all of our younger lives.
All of a sudden Carolyn is talking to the lady that now lives in the house where I was born...56 Colony lane. How cool is that? Next thing I know I am receiving photos on my i-phone of her house and my house. Talk about memory lane.
OLD friends are the BEST friends. I'm lucky to have some of the very BEST friends. :0)

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