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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you

http://taskfarms.org/ Pictured is Terry setting for the test classes...brrrr cold, almost dark.
Thank-you to Terry Kenney who donated the sheep and the ranch for the Benefit trial.
He also supplied the brisket and chicken thighs cooked in the smoker.

Also, thanks to Colleen (in the blue) who is a partner (significant other) with Terry. Task Farms and Top C...they make a great team. That's Terry's Paige smiling for the camera.

Thanks to Mike Burks for scribing and for making the cable leads for the first places in the field.

Thanks to Bryan and Allison of Honest dogs for supplying the 1st places in the AHBA trial. They also donated a sweatshirt of choice to Terry. Pretty cool couple. http://stores.homestead.com/AKWStudio/StoreFront.bok

Thanks to Kyle Clark Trumbull (in the blue) for helping in the pens all day and for running the silent auction. I was trialing in the field when the auction closed. Shucks. I may have bid on a few more items :0)

This is a picture of the silent auction in progress. There were some neat items.

Thanks to Ted Ondrak for setting in the field with help from Karen Wessinger. Thanks Karen.
Ted is a GOOD EGG. Ted is putting on the 1st Annual Invitational Rancho Ventoso Throwdown on May 1st and 2nd at his ranch in Palmdale. This will include music, a chili cook off, and a non-sanctioned ranch trial. Whoo Hoo....I'm a coming!

Okay, I don't know Kyle's last name (on the right) sitting with Sonja Donaldson. We just met the day of the trial. His wife, Heather, couldn't make it. Kyle brought the whole bake sale and set it up donating the money to Mike and Sport. Not only did Kyle do the bake sale, he helped with the gates in the field, he was the runner for the scores, he assisted with the cooking of the barbecue in the smoker. I'm sure I'm leaving something out. This is one cool fellow. Thank-you Kyle.

The table set up with bake sale items. I think we came home with way too many tins of sweet rolls and rice krispie treats. My husband can attest that the sweet (cinnamon) rolls were delicious warmed up in the microwave. Thank-you Kyle.
Thank-you to everyone who donated potluck lunch items. There were way too many items to finish everything. It was a feast. What a nice day. I am blessed to have such great friends.

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