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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A most well turned out bag lady

Recently, I went to a trial some 6 hours from home with my 3 Border Collies and slept in my truck at the campground. I laughingly call that a "3 dog night." I like to travel to the beach in my truck, too. Oh yeah, we have a trailer and an RV. It's just easier for me to take my truck. I love my 2005 red Avalanche truck. I'm pretty darn comfy in it.

A well known judge at this particular campground called me "The most well-turned out bag lady she had ever met." She came came over to my truck to see how I organized everything for me and my 3 Border Collies. Easy breezy. The back window even pops out for my TV tray :0)
And, Jet will tell you on a cold night...if anything, all of us together are almost too warm!

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Anonymous said...

Thats funny. we have an RV but me and the dogs prefer the back of the truck in the summer.