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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A GOOD cause....

Mike has done lots for the herding community. He with the help of Sport helps out at most of the trials. If you have ever set sheep for a full trial, then you know it's a full day of HARD work for both canine and human. When Sport took ill with bloat everyone rallied and we put on a benefit trial to help Mike with the vet fees. I am so proud to be able to tell you we raised almost $3000. What a fabulous herding community we have in So. California.
Mike volunteered as scribe to Steve Waltenberg, our AHBA judge. It was a full day. The ranch trial went almost till dark. By nightfall, I was beginning to think it would snow. Brrrrrrrr.

"Now come on big boy" said the GSP to Sport , close your eyes for me."

"Now I'm gonna plant a big kiss on you." :0) "Glad to have you back."

Sporty (a bit sad), but knowing he will competing soon enough when he is stronger.

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