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Friday, April 2, 2010

BC soccer handed down to the next generation

Jet only lets a few of his close friends play soccer with him. He is the BC soccer master. He can even herd sheep with a soccer ball in his mouth. He can sneak that soccer ball right into my bedroom without me seeing him. I'm sure that soccer ball has "magical powers."
Jet decided Yoko was ready to be taught how to play soccer. Fathers have to hand down important information like this to their daughters. Yo looks in disbelief that her Dad is going to teach her.

Jet teaches her the rules of BC soccer. No "popping" the ball with your teeth. You can push it with your nose, you can dribble it with your paws, you can covet it with your chest so no one else can take it and, a potential foul which sometimes is needed, you can pick up the soccer ball very carefully with your teeth and run with it.

"Okay, Dad....how does my dribbling form look?"

"Watch me Dad, I'm going try a nose push."

"Hey, Pop....look at this face block."

"I've got some speed going now."

"GAME ON.....I'm on it."

"Whoo hoo......hard work pushing it up hill and over rocks."

"Do you hear me oh great and magical soccer ball? I am the next BC soccer master."
Oh...the pressure...it's too much for two year old Yoko to handle. Game over.

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