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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The many faces of KILT

Kilt is a pistol around strange dogs. She looks like she has two sets of teeth. If strange dogs are playing, she will join in the play and you wouldn't never suspect she all of these teeth. But, if a strange dog wants to bother her, acts stupid, or comes around me, this is what you get. She's a bitch.

This is one of Kilt's best friends. She will grin at Sport, too, if he looks under her tail. Other than that, she thinks he is wonderful. Kilt was very concerned about his illness. She didn't want to lose any good friends. She doesn't have that many.

Kilt is a natural comedian. She becomes bored easily. Flat trial fields BORE her. She LOVES a challenge. When I do trick training with the other dogs, Kilt always adds her own twist to whatever game we are playing.

The BEST thing about Kilt is she is the type of dog who can go into 5 foot high brush and bring you back all of your sheep without any commands. I'm sure she would have loved working in the hill country. She has a ton of stamina. Trial dog?.....well, she is 5 yrs. old and she still doesn't listen to me. I'm tough, but nearly tough enough for the likes of Kilt.

All of the kids like Kilt. Here she is at Jalama Beach teaching her new buddy, Matt the fine art of a good game of frisbee. Also, the kids like to watch me work all 3 BCs on their whistles. I leave them on a down and walk a half mile up the beach. Kilt ALWAYS moves and I ALWAYS make her go back. The kids and adults love it. They all LAUGH. And, that makes Kilt goof up on purpose even more when she hears them LAUGH.

Here is Kilt snuggling with a couple of girls she just met. Kilt knows how to work a crowd. Little kids can sit on her, pull her ears and tail. She just loves it. Just "LOVE me."

Kilt isn't a dummy. She knows how to work "influential" people such as Suzy Applegate.

BEST of ALL. Kilt had one litter and was the BEST mother ever. This is YOKO, her puppy she gave to me. Yoko is pictured with my grandson, Dustin, who she hadn't seen in months. She is the most loving puppy.
Ahhhh youuu....KILT Nope, I'm not giving up on you.....gonna keep on trying. :0)

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