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Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Sonoma to Jalama Beach

The drive into Jalama Beach just outside of Lompoc, Ca.

With purrfect weather, I needed to lick my wounds from Sonoma and go for a little R and R. I heard Jalama Beach calling me. I have been going to Jalama since the early 70's. After waiting all day on Sunday to be the last run with Kilt on the flat field and then having to retire her for being out of control, I put the truck in gear and headed to the beach. It took me almost 6 hours or more to get there. I arrived at the beach at 1:30 AM. I pulled in quietly to a site, let the dogs potty, and then we all crawled back into the truck for a 3 dog night of zzzzz's.

Jalama Beach is just outside of Lopoc, Ca. It's one of the few beaches you can still get a "beach site"....one of the few beaches where you can walk 5 miles and see nobody. Plus, they have a small general store and grill. They make the world famous Jalama burger....to DIE for. Way back when in the 70's when Auntie Ruthie was alive she would make her famous carrot cake. No one makes a carrot cake like Auntie Ruthie. Then, of course, the health dept. forbidded her to sell her carrot cake because she cooked it in the little house behind the general store. No more Auntie Ruth's carrot cake. TAAADAHHH.......they finally put an oven in next to the grill to meet the health dept. standards and even if Auntie Ruth isn't around anymore, they have her recipe and are making her carrot cake. I can die and go to heaven now. OMG! (I brought back home a slice for my husband)

There is no where in the world that anywhere could be as picturesque as Jalama Beach. I called in sick on Wed. and stayed a full 5 days. I must have slept 10 hours every night, had 3 hours to read the Santa Barbara newspaper each morning and hours left over for walking the beach, finding shells, and meeting new people. It doesn't get better than that! Plus, the BC's put on quite a few shows, whistle demonstrations, frisbee contests, and tricks for the kids. The dogs are always a delight for everyone who comes to the beach.