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Monday, March 15, 2010

Like mother like son...Kilt and Moses

Nothing wrong with these dogs balance or their hips for that fact. Kilt was the only one of my 3 dogs that jumped up on the sign without any urging. You can see her son follows in her footsteps. Open mouth, insert toy. I love it.

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Shepherdess Kat said...

They are beautiful dogs, I own a "mix" w/a docked tail. I'm not sure what he is except I do know he is part border collie. He likes to round up the sheep in our pasture, he sometimes bites their twist, like he knows he's supposed to "do something with these darn animals," but mostly, he watches the sheep and the steer, he likes to run the fence line with the UPS truck goes by (I think he's herding it!) but we love him despite himself.