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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Porterville fun trial

I took all 3 BC's to Porterville this weekend. Yvette Cook was the judge. Along with being the judge she is a teacher who sends packages and notes overseas to the military men and woman fighting for our freedom. My type of gal! Yvette commented on just how much a note of thanks means to those serving our country, especially those assigned overseas the first few times. I'm a military mom and I can't tell you how appreciative I am!

Not to digress....Porterville. The sheep weren't too light; the sheep weren't too heavy; the sheep were JUST RIGHT. Jet ran a couple of open runs in the mid 70's, one in fog so thick I never did see him on the crossdrive. Kilt (trumpet blare please) received several scores in the 80's. And, Yoko trialed in open ranch and did lots of nice stuff for an almost 2 yr. old. I left the post and helped her when I needed to. I'm gonna spare you the boring details of how much I love my Yo. :0)

The weather was friggin' COLD and foggy. Eddy was absolutely right. I was dressed inappropriately. Thankfully, I had lots of friends with warm RV's and we had a great potluck in Mike Burk's RV. Plus, Sally and Jim Oxford had a hot lunch at their house on Sat. I slept in my truck with my 3 BC's and several sleeping bags. It was okay until about midnight when I heard all of this howling and moaning. After yelling several times out the door, I had to get up and investigate. It turned out to be one of the Pyrenees guardian dogs who had his chain wrapped around a fence post multiple times and had somehow turned the hose on which was spraying him down full force. He was wet and soggy hanging off the fence post. He was so happy to see me. The big dummy.

Geez.....so I get him unwrapped and the water turned to just a trickle. I'm freezing and now my moccasins are wet with mud. I tell the GD (Guardian Dog) "pun intended" to shoo and get in his dog house in the sheep pen. I climb back into my truck, mud and all. As soon as I close my eyes I hear moaning and whining AGAIN. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I get up out of bed again, fumble for my flashlight, and put on my wet moccasins. This time the stupid dog tried to climb through the top wire on the sheep fence and was stuck. I'm sure glad the wire wasn't hot. But, then again, if it had been hot, he wouldn't have been getting into all of this tomfoolery!

I pull him through the fence however much he weighed and said, F___ it, you are now unchained for the night. You are free. Go away! With that the foolish dog was so darn happy he lept on top of me and zipped between my legs. I went riding (not my idea) on my mud white pony until I got dumped into a mud puddle. The Pyrenees was gleeful and I was tired, frozen, and wet. It would have made a great Saturday night sitcom. Woe is me.

BTW, the GD trotted by all of the trucks, crates, and RVs this morning with a chicken in his mouth. Oh well, I hope that's the only damage he caused with me setting him free. Good grief. ;0)

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Jenny Glen said...

Well you know how I feel about guardian dogs so bravo to you for helping the poor boy! oops about the chicken tho:)