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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Motocross course....NOT a very clever idea

My hubby went to the desert with me this morning to film the dogs practicing. Why is it when you go to film, everything goes to hell in a handbag? I guess it's Murphy's law. It will be much more entertaining, I'm sure, for my girlfriend, Jeanne B when I send her the DVD. Kind of like watching a bad comedy act.

After working on the flat, I decided (oh so clever, Suzanne) to go work in the motocross hills. I really wanted to give the dogs a challenge. The hills are straight up and straight down. We drove the trailer and sheep to the top of the course. If you set the sheep up one side of the hill and your dog goes deep, he is down another hill and can't see the sheep. So "clever" me, I bring my not quite 2 yr. old out for the challenge. Wayne is going to try to set sheep with Jet and film at the same time. No comment :0)

Yo....she sees the sheep and I send her. She goes quite wide, but I'm not worried yet. Did I mention that the motocross course is in near proximity to a main road, 110th street? I'm still not too troubled until I hear Wayne screeching..."Yoko! Yoko! Here Yoko." Of course, he can only catch flashes of her as she goes up and down hills looking for her sheep. I think she became lost in the maize of hills. Eventually she turns up, not behind her sheep, but in front of my feet after running close to a mile. She came full circle.

I take her up close at about 100 yds and send her. The terrain is rough with ditches and sage brush. Heck, the sheep are trying their best to jump the ditches. Yoko and the sheep finally arrive in close proximity. The sheep are covered in burrs. Yoko is head to tail in cockle burrs.
These are the type of burrs that take hours to get out. Ugh. We won't be going back to that particular place again. Oh woe is me, stupid me. Eeeyyyyyeeeeeeee....back to the beer tent.

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