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Monday, January 18, 2010

Clicker Expo or the beach?

The beach won!  Going to Jalama Beach for my birthday in mid January.  Yoko's 3rd birthday, too.  How could I pass up a Clicker Expo in Newport beach?  Because I think everything has gone towards the almighty $$$.  I have attended two clicker expo's in years past.  I learned a lot.
The Clicker Expo (now) offers these dog training classes towards your dog training degrees.  Yuck.  Not interested in any way.  They didn't used to have those type of classes.  They used to offer the Clicker Challenge at a long lunch break that was a ton of fun.  They nixed that idea.  They don't do it anymore.  Plus, it costs almost $500 for 3 days of 3 classes or so a day.  If you want to bring your dog to a learning lab, it will cost you an addituional $19.95.  If you want a clciker notebook about the seminar, you can purchase it for $49.95.  This doesn't include your driving expenses, hotel expenses or your meal expenses.  Bah Humbug.  What's the world coming to.......greedy, if you ask me.
I will miss some of my favorite seminar presenters, though.  I love Kathy Sadao and Kay Laurence.  I'm thinking I would come away with some new ideas/skills. I'm always open to new ideas.  I'm just not sure they would be worth about $750 for the new skills.  :0)
C'est la vie.  The waves are calling me.  Long hikes with my hubby and dogs are calling me.  Whale watching and sunsets. I can feel the wind and the surf in my face.  A photographer's dream. :0) 

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