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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Jim, my brother and I, decided to take the Lady Stuart out for a half day of deep sea fishing. Like, I have only been doing this for decades when I come to Florida to visit. It is a family tradition. This morning was particularly beautiful.

Here is my brother, Jim standing in front of the Lady Stuart. We only had about 9 people wanting to fish this morning, but they took us out anyways. They usually like to have at least 10 or more people to make it worth their while. I made it worth their while in tips!

Yo...that's my good looking older brother. He and his wife have retired to Pop's home on the water in Florida to take care of him. Our 92 1/2 yr. old Pop is the coolest! My brother is pretty darn COOL himself.

Everyone was jealous of my tee shirt that is some 30 years old that says MONSTER FISHING on the Lady Stuart. The captain took a bunch of photos of it. Then he started taking photos of me walking away. That's when my brother said he would have to beat him up. hahahaha

Here is Pop with Jules the chihuahua. Jules doesn't like me. Though, she should like me, cuz I bought her that darling sailor tee shirt to wear to keep her warm. My gosh....it's only 77 degrees out and Jules has a tee on and Dad has a flannel on. I'm sweating!
I'm gonna miss ALL of them soooooooo much. I can barely think about leaving. This is tough. I'll try to get back down to Florida in a couple of more months.

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