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Friday, October 23, 2009

Yoko the GOOSE dog

What a beautiful day and what a FUN morning. It was a bit warm for working in the desert, so I thought I'd pack up my crew (Jet, Kilt and Yoko) and work at a local ranch. What a pleasant surprise that the ranch now has Ducks and Geese. It's always fun to do something out of the ordinary. Jet is a good "fowl" dog. Kilt has only been on Ducks once (in a trial and she was DQ'ed...imagine that...haha) and Yoko has never seen a bird bigger than a seagull.
After separating the Ducks from the Geese without the help of my 4 legged friends, I had Jet move the Geese out to a small arena. He was none too excited about it. He has never liked working fowl. He just does it because I ask him to and that's the type of dog he is.... Mr. Congeniality. When one of the gander's honked at him and tweaked him right on his nose, he looked semi-mortified while looking towards me to see if I was going to do something about it.
Next it was Kilt's turn. The first time a Goose changed directions back into her face, she grabbed it by the neck. Ahem....."Killllllt." She let go and realized that I was unhappy with her response.
Actually, it turned out to be a good experience for her getting her flanks square. Small square flanks. Good practice for Kilt. She did okay.
Next up....daughter of Jet and Kilt, Yoko. Yoko has a lot of Jet in her and a lot of her Mom in her. She is pretty much a 50/50 spilt which is good for me. And, should prove good for trialing. Remains to be seen. After the first initial jump in their faces with feathers flying she settled right into padding along behind them. That one particular gander turned on her and hissed at her one inch from her nose. Yoko is her mother's daughter. She held still and curled her lip up over her nose. She gave the Goose the "Kilt GRIN." I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. "That'll do Yo."

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