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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


"Seeing the shortcomings of others is easy. Seeing your own is difficult, but much more important."

Working my dogs by myself is almost like meditating for me. I'm always trying to study my dogs reactions to the requests I'm asking while watching the responses of the sheep. Sometimes we (dogs and me) all take a break, sit on the ground, and just watch the sheep graze. Sometimes I think about nothing. Sometimes I think about too much. I think, I'd rather think about too little. :0)

I've run into a few snags, both with Yoko and Kilt that I could use a little help with. I wrote to several well respected professionals in So. Calif. for some help (lessons) and was told by them that they are suffering burn out or they were maxed out. Ahhh...such is life. I will continue to struggle and ponder the possible solutions. I've come this far pretty much on my own. Hey, I made it to the open division without sheep. I've received a couple of placements. I guess I can croak now.

LOL...In all seriousness, there is still work to be done; lessons to be learned. Driving to local ranches and to the desert keeps me active. My dogs love it and I enjoy it immensely. I've learned a lot. But, there is so much more to learn. One day at a time.

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Anonymous said...

I like this post, rings true to me.