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Sunday, October 18, 2009

"KILT...Please don't jump"

Pt. Pleasant Trial

"I'll give you another chance to redeem yourself. You don't have to end it this way."

The weather was picture perfect for Tom and LisAnns trial, the range sheep were fabulous, the trial folk friendly, and the judging by Derek Fisher, fair and consistent. Kilt and I didn't have any stellar moments, but we came home with lessons learned. Fail often to succeed sooner is my new motto. I stole that from my friend, Jeanne.
The only semi-depressing note was that people asked, "Why didn't you bring Jet?" Kilt and I still need a lot more mileage, but I ADORE this bitch. Hard headed..yes....pushy...oh yeah...difficult to have ride in your truck...no doubt there, nasty with strange dogs...notorious...THEN what's there left to like?
Working is ALL Kilt wants to do. She doesn't care if it's billy goats, lambs or range ewes. She just wants to WORK. And, she comes back grinning ear to ear when she is done. It's like the difference between a Toyota and a Ferrari. I just don't know how to drive (handle) a Farrari. I'm the owner/operator without a manual. But, am I having FUN yet? You bet. Was I disappointed with her runs? Yes. Only because I expect such great things from her. Back to the drawing board and much more milage needed. And, thanks to all that gave me advice and suggested new exercises for us to practice.

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