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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Trouble will be missed.  An aggressive oral cancer was the culprit.  Just shy of 16 years of age, Trouble was the best JRT I could have asked for.  Wayne called her the great "co-ercer."  She always got what she wanted.  She one up'ed the Border Collies all of the time.  She was a Master agility dog in USDAA.  She was an exceptional trick dog.  Jet (BC) and Xena (Lab) were her buddies.
I buried her with Jet on my property.  I miss her :(
The Border Collies keep forgetting to tell me it's time for their nightly whip cream.  Trouble would never let that happen! She would start pacing around the living room at 7:30 PM and then stand in the kitchen at 8 PM waiting.  A wonderful Vet came to the house to help her over the rainbow bridge.  Trouble was having her whip cream as she left this world.  I told Trouble to wait for me with Xena and Jet when I take my last breath.  I know they will.....

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