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Monday, March 7, 2016

Clearing mind, space, and body

I'm on it now.  I have these daily meditations that pop up on my computer to remind me.  They remind me to keep my body as fit as possible, continue to clear the clutter, and try to let go of the 'relationship' blues.  I still have a few nights with difficulty sleeping, but they are becoming less and less.  Trazadone has become my friend.  Whatever is in that pill, keeps my mood on an even keel and helps me sleep.

When you move, if you are like us, we just threw all of the stuff in boxes and there it sat after arriving here  :0(   It was our first move in 30 years.  And, let me tell you we brought a lot of shit with us!

Every so often I give myself permission to do absolutely nothing.  I think it is important to clear your body as well as the clutter. I am down 7 pounds.  I'm going to try to lose 8 more.  I am making myself drink more water.  The hardest part of my day is in the evenings.  That's when I have my cravings.  I try to be finished with a light dinner as early as possible.

This morning I cleaned the refrigerator.  What a God awful job, but it's done and I feel better for it.  I cleaned out all of the old outdated stuff and I will start on the pantry tomorrow or this evening.  Tomorrow is go to the dump day.  I plan to have the truck filled.

Getting the garage organized was a big load off my mind.  I still have a ton of clothes, shoes, and purses to go through for Good Will.  I am a clothes packrat. I have mental lists of what needs my attention, like the 50 sheepdog videos and books.  I have sorted through all of the dog crates and they are in a storage shed behind the house. Plus, I went through all of their old medications and mine throwing away those that were well out of date.

I have already started on the photos.  I have gone through my horse tack.  I know what I have and don't have in that respect.  Little by little.  I will have everything done by this Christmas.  That's my GOAL.  The more you clear the clutter, the easier it is to clear your mind.  Well, at least mine.

I am a MUSIC-a-holic, so having an Amazon Alexa to ask to play anything I want to hear without having to look for it is FABULOUS.  First thing I do in the morning after feeding the dogs and after getting my first cup of coffee is to listen to music.  My folks were the same way.  I grew up with music in the house all day.

Now, that I am 66 years old, I think I will get a tattoo.  Yes, you heard me correctly, a TATTOO.  I know what I want the picture to be and I know what I want it to say.  More to follow......

Keep decluttering.  Treat yourself.  Life is short.

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