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Sunday, February 14, 2016

You're UP, You're Down

The highs are HIGH and the lows are LOW.  I'm looking for that delicate balance. Intermediate is good.  Life is such a balancing act, isn't it?  It is for me.

Sometimes I wish I could rewind my life and say, "Stop, I'd like to get off here."  Then I would make a few different choices just to see how things would end up.

That's not going to happen.  But, I like to think about it every once in awhile. One of my FB acquaintances said she looks at life that has dealt her harder blows than mine ever has as, 'The POWER of NOW."  Screw worrying about the past or looking at what the future might hold.  These words are my NEW mantra, The POWER of NOW.

Shit happens and I think for the most part it happens for a reason.  Yeah, we can all make bad choices, but hopefully, we learn from them. And, yeah, sometimes bad things happen to good people.  I really don't have an answer for that one. Onward and upward.  Git along little doggies.

I have so much shit on my plate at the moment.  You can't even imagine.  But, I will get through this, one step in front of the other.  And, when ever I can throw in a few good times and a few good friends along the way, you can best be assured I will.

The roses:  Now just how FUN was that to receive a dozen roses with a card that said "Guess who?"  Now, I talk from time to time about my ESP, my psychic intuition, that has been passed down to me by my grandmother.  My gut instinct on who the beautiful long stemmed red roses were from was exactly on target.  Like Bulls eye :)

But, I did have fun ruling out who they weren't from....Definitely not from my husband, not from anyone in my family since we have a family tradition of sending 13 roses (one for good luck).  I counted those roses three different times.  There were one dozen.  I thought I had it narrowed down to someone in my breakfast club.  Last laugh was on me.  Nope.  I ruled out a few other friends that NEVER could keep a surprise for longer than a day.  Finally, someone said I should put in the Fed Ex tracking number which took me to Reno, Nevada.  I have a handful of friends in that area. And, the person I thought had sent them, well, he lives in the boondocks and most likely they would have to come from Reno.

Super Sleuth.  Hahahaha!  How nice to feel thought about on Valentine's Day!  Really, it took my mind off the past and the future and allowed me to concentrate on the NOW.  And, I kind of like the NOW.  It's taken some time to get used to, but Hell, yeah......the Power of Now!  Well, at least until the next crisis.  LOL


Karen said...

Glad you figured out who the roses were from:)

gvmama said...

There still is a slight chance I could be wrong. I won't know for 100% until the true sender speaks up!

Anonymous said...

Wish I would have thought of it....


gvmama said...

OMG That is so funny. The mystery continues. Love you anyway :)