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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Settling in....

Settling in....
Kilt, during the day, wanders past her imaginary acreage boundaries.  I bought her a new, current tag for her collar.  If I say 'Come' she ignores me most of the time.  But, if I say, Come RUN, she loves that...go figure.  That is how Wayne called her. She is no problem letting her out at night because she sniffs the air with apprehension.  She is smart. She knows there are cougar, etc. she stays close to the side porch where she can easily be seen with the LED flood lamps. She just gets a little wanderlust during the daytime.

Kilt barks more than my other dogs.  It's okay to bark at strangers, but she barks when she is happy, which is most of the time. She barks for attention. She barks when she plays. I'm going to try a citronella collar on her when I leave her in the kennel.

Trouble, well, Trouble (JRT) is no problem at all. She is just so happy not to have to live for 14 hours a day in a kennel run.  She has a bit of separation anxiety when I leave the house, but she is getting less anxious now.  I always ask Amazon's Alexis to play Enya for her when I have to go somewhere. She has lots of snuggly Costco blankets to curl up in plus a puppy hot disc in a one of her beds if she gets really chilly.

Yoko still would like it to be just her and Champ as it used to be. Champ is happier than a pig in shit because his mother loves to tug with him and just as Jet adored Trouble, Champ adores her the same. Champ sees it as more play friends for him.  Yoko sees it as less attention for her.
All in all, everyone is settling into their new routines fairly well.

Now, I appear to be the only one trying to settle into what will be my new routine. The unknown makes me a bit apprehensive, but I will try to take it one day at a time.

Addendum for after I had written this morning LOL

KK (Killer Kilt) met the elk herd head on so to speak.  She took on the 5 bulls, barking and dodging their antlers.  They held their ground and I believe they thought it was rather amusing.  Me, not so much.  I was in my PJs yelling at her trying to run down the driveway in my clogs!

She chased the yearlings and mamas from the driveway

She took on 5 of these guys

Finally, I set her in the back of the Rhino under the carport so she could get to know the Elk from a distance.  Kilt, you are going to see lots more of these animals here, so you best get used to them.

Later in the morning, Champ asked to go outside.  Mr. Politeness went down to the bottom of the driveway just to look at the Elk.  He's not like his mama :0)

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