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Monday, October 12, 2015

Sigh of relief

So if you read my blog, you know I have had a few health worries.  First I discovered a lump in my gut the size of a walnut a couple of months ago.  My internist sent me to a surgeon who recommended a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis.  I have a history of anal squamous cell carcinoma in 2009 receiving surgery, radiation, and chemo.  I have been in remission for a little over 6 years.

Once you are diagnosed with cancer, it is never far from your mind.  It's like a chronic disease, not knowing when it will rear it's ugly head again.  I have always been a happy person, but after going through treatment for cancer with the support of friends, co-workers, and family, life became even  more of a blessing.  Well heck, every day has been a gift.

The CT of my abdomen didn't tell much.  I was thinking maybe a deep ventral hernia or lipoma.  We may never know.  But, that CT did show some new lung nodules that were not present in 2011 when I fractured a few ribs.  That sent up a red flag.  I asked for a PET Scan, but of course, my insurance refused and they asked me to do a chest CT.  Just what I wanted to do...NOT.  I probably glow in the dark at this point.

The chest CT said exactly what the abdominal CT did which is good in a way I guess.  It only saw two nodules with one in my right lung being 7mm.  Finally, insurance gave authorization for the PET scan.  They inject you with radioactive glucose in the PET scan.  Cancerous cells uptake the glucose showing metabolic activity.  They did my head to pelvis.  There was NO metabolic activity seen anywhere.  I think that rules out metastasis, but doesn't exclude (completely) primary lung cancer.

They suggest another Chest CT in 3 months to see if there is any enlargement in the nodule.  If there is, I will need a lung biopsy.  It very possibly could be benign nodules caused by inflammation or some other autoimmune something.

But, with my past history, one can't be too cautious.  I can tell you I am breathing a sigh of relief tonight and will continue living my life to the fullest.  Thanks for the well wishes.  If you know someone with the dreaded C word, or fighting a chronic illness, reach out, even if it is just with a few words of encouragement.  And, you, take time to stop and smell the roses!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouraging update! We and our church (Grace Church Reno NV) continue to lift you up in prayer. We love you!
Love, always and forever, your cousins,
Cantrell & marie

Karen Brandson said...

Happy dance! Keeping my fingers crossed for continuing good news!