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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Good for the soul

This is one of those good for the soul pictures.  I started walking the back side of Hurricane Ridge with Melodie and Bonnie.  I had a deep urge to get to the top.  Both of my girlfriends were tolerant of my wish.  They hiked back to their truck and waited for me at the lodge.  Sometimes I put one foot in front of the other and just have to keep going.  It was like hiking to the lighthouse that day.  I had no plans to hike 12 miles, but once I started I couldn't stop myself.  This was the same way.  I had no  plans to hike to the top, but the mountains were calling and I had to go.  It felt so good!

The best thing I have done while in Sequim, is purchase a kayak.  I purchased mine from LL Bean.  It is a manatee deluxe, 42 lbs, 10 feet in length.  It came with oars, etc. and was $400 including shipping.  It fits in the back of the Avalanche with the tail gate up.  Whoo Hoo.
Yoko is my kayaking buddy.  i knew she would be.  Yo is all about water.

I don't think I can find a more "serene" past time :)

Next I took my bike in to the shop and got it overhauled and now have bike rack.  I had a bit of trouble using the crescent wrench and socket set getting the rack off my truck and had to call my neighbors for a bit of help :0)  I plan on doing some bicycling on the 100 mile Discovery Trail.

I don't want to miss anything folks.  I have always been like this.  My father taught me at a young age to live my life to the fullest.  All too soon it will be over.  I'm going for it.  I have never been more at peace and happier than I have been moving here to Sequim.

Champ isn't going to Maggi's now.  I guess no one was available to give him his 9 PM Tbsp. of whip cream he gets every night :0)  Plus, I would miss him dreadfully.  Trialling isn't all that important to me.  I enjoy being competitive and enjoy the sociableness of having what seems like an extended family.  We'll see how it plays out.  I am making an effort to get the dogs out to other places to work sheep.  I'm sure that's half the battle.

The best thing about this month is my FRIENDS!  Melodie came out for a long weekend.  We had such fun!  We packed in as much as possible into a couple of full days...kayaking, Hurricane Ridge, breakfast with the breakfast club, the beach.  Oh my!  Oh yeah, we even made the Dungeness River Railroad bridge festival.  We didn't miss much.

Now, my dear friend, Connie, from Eugene, Oregon is visiting for a few days.  We went to LVN school decades ago.  This is a picture of Connie and her eldest son, Shenandoah.

Plus, my brother Jim and his wonderful wife, Linda, paid me a 6 day visit last month.  Oh my goodness, what a fun filled six days we had!  Too much to even write about in a blog.  But, be assured we had a blast.  I was sorry to see them leave to go back to Tyler, Texas.

Nothing like having friends and family here to visit.  Connie is here right now and we are having some fast, fun filled days.  

PET Scan to be done October 12th....that was their earliest appointment.  Here's hoping :)

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Karen said...

Thinking of you and rooting for you! You have been having a wonderful time, thanks for sharing it with us:)