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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back Burner

Love my dogs, enjoy trialling, but that's not my total life.  The good part is the travel part.  I love to travel.  I really have no ambition or the funds to gallivant around the world.  Honest, I am happy to be right here in the Pacific Northwest.  I don't think I will be able to see everything I want to before I leave this earth.  But, I'm going to give it a try!

So excited that my brother and his wife are coming from Texas.  Jim and Linda mean so much to me.  They were there for Pop when he needed us.  I couldn't leave work in California.  Dad had mild dementia living by himself after his second wife passed away in Florida.  Jim and Linda retired; moved, lock, stock, and barrel to Florida to care for Dad.  We didn't want him to go to an assisted living facility.  We wanted him to be in his home until the end.  They took fabulous care of him for four years.  I have so much gratitude in my heart for them.

I have been busying myself with the gardens, getting them pruned back, removing and replanting new plants and flowers, getting ready for winter.  Last year I did absolutely nothing.  This year I have learned which flowering weeds must be weeded, and I'm still learning which plants need to be pruned and how far to prune them back.  It really is quite an enjoyable past time.  It's a little like trial by fire.  Plus, I have had to buy garden tools.  I now use the riding lawn mower and I have my own TWO weed eaters.  I can weed eat with the best of them.

I still love photography, but I can't afford good equipment.  But, I have suitable camera stuff for what I like to do.  I am not a professional photographer.  But, I love to "share" beautiful moments by capturing it with a photo for my friends and family.  I'm sure I have probably been "befriended" by quite a few on Facebook for all of my photos.  It's okay.  I delete posts I don't like, too. :0)  I don't like to see pathetically abused animals.  I know this goes on everywhere, but still, it's not something I want to look at over my morning two cups of coffee.

Now, for the first time in my life, I am enjoying experimenting in the kitchen.  I am actually enjoying some of the cooking I am doing (especially if it comes out tasting good).  Jim and Linda show up this Monday.  I have invited my neighbors to a cocktail party on Wednesday to meet my brother.  I want him to see what I nice place I landed in to live.  I don't want him to have to worry about me living here alone.

I am going to try to make some new appetizers.  I have all the makings for martinis, and other assorted drinks. (My brother is the martini drinker). I haven't made deviled eggs in awhile. So that will be on the menu. I make some pretty darn good ones.  But, I'm going to make some new appetizers, too.  I  (Simple toasted baguettes with marinated arties, parmesan cheese and chopped parsley.)  Also, Devils on Horseback (Gotta love the name) Dates with a little blue cheese in them wrapped with bacon and baked in the oven. I'd do bacon wrapped oysters (but too stinky) I may have to throw in some bacon wrapped hot dogs for the guys. I might try some stuffed mushrooms, but that might be pushing it.  I have a couple of really good dips with some veges/crackers.  That should do it. There will only be 8 of us.

I'm making myself laugh as I write out my grocery list.  Jim and Linda will be here Monday and stay until until Saturday.  I will work at the Chamber of Commerce as usual on Wednesday.  I think I will suggest that they go over to the John Wayne Marina for a stroll while i am volunteering.  Hopefully it won't rain all week. Possibly we could have lunch at the grill on the water when I get done. Doubtful we will need dinner after my appetizers that evening :0)

Monday I am making lamb chops, mashed potatoes, and garlic green beans.  Monday is like a siesta day in Sequim.  There are very few places open.  Kind of like living in Mexico  haha  I told Jim and Linda not to eat a big lunch on the road.  They are bringing their chihuahua, Jules.  She isn't exactly social.  Every time I move in their house she barks at me.  It remains to be seen how she will be in my house and with my dogs.  I guess I'm going to find out soon! Maybe when Jim and Linda aren't looking, I can try the Pet Corrector on her.  LOL

And, oh yeah....my kayak is on the way.  I am really excited.  I had some good input as to which one to get for me and Yoko.  It couldn't be over 10 feet and it had to weigh not much more than 40 lbs. because it is me, myself, and I that has to load it and get it on the water.  I still want to see if I can paddle board.  I will rent one maybe some day.  I can kayak, but paddle board?  Ummm, not too sure.

Plus, I got my bicycle out and dusted it.  I will take it over to the bike shop to see if the tires are properly filled.  It is a 7 speed all terrain bike.  I need a bike rack :0( You can't get better biking trails than here in Sequim, so I want to start enjoying them.  This is going to cut into the dog's working sheep time.  I will try to keep them worked a couple of times a week.  If I see we are looking a bit too rough at the trials, I will cut down my trialling to local ones.  I enjoy the socialization, but I have no aspires to be the top in this field.  But, I do like competition :0)

That's it...just an update where my head is at, kind of.  Other stuff going on, but not really bloggable stuff.  Life is good.  Cherish every day!

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Karen said...

It's a wonderful life! Reading all that makes me want to retire. But I do enjoy doing the markets still, most of the time.
My son spent last night camping west of you on the ocean front. I guess he will be driving back through your area.