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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The RUSH is on.....

I can't believe it is already Wednesday.  Wayne, Kilt, and Trouble should arrive Sunday night or Monday some time.  Of course he wants to drive the 20 hours straight through.  That drives me CRAZY.  I am trying to get him to stop at our daughter-in-laws home in Roseburg for the night.  They have plenty of room for him and the dogs will have a backyard.  Whether he will or not remains to be seen.... Men!

I have been trying to get as much done as possible, so he can rest, but without a man here for the last year, this place is a lot of work.  And, people ask me when I am going to get sheep?  You have to be kidding!  The weeding alone is killing me.  The old vehicles are falling apart.  Maintenance for the house and for myself is a full time job.  LOL

I hope he will have time to put a new refrigerator in my RV.  That would be a great anniversary present since he can't possibly stay a couple of extra days for our 31st anniversary.  Hey, he's an engineer and he has work to do.  Ugh.  Better than being a husband that doesn't like to work.  That's for sure.  I'm not complaining.  Just whimpering a little.

I have a feeling it is going to be colder and wetter this winter.  There is so much to do, but I guess I can do it myself....Mud-proofing, that is.  I surely have enough firewood.  Besides the refrigerator in the RV, I am hoping he will get my 4 wheel drive Rhino working again.  It would be really nice to have front brakes on the old truck, but that might be pushing it.  He probably needs a BREAK in the action, too.

I have him set up with the breakfast club.  He went out to eat with them on one of his trips up here.  They all loved him and I think it was lunch time before they got up from breakfast because my husband is all yak, yak, yak, yak.  They are looking forward to his return.

I hate to stick him with Champ, but that's how the turn of events has gone.  Champ will be 4-5 days post-op from being neutered.  Hoping I am doing us (me and Champ) both a favor.  Praying for no more drooling, chattering or sniffing at the trials.  It's hard on both of us.  Maybe I will get lucky and it will give us both some piece of mind.  As soon as he goes to the post, he is all about sheep, but I think getting there and the mental part of the puzzle has us both fried.

He will also get to attend Terry and Phil's sing along outside of her Local Yarn Shop in Sequim on one of the Fridays he is here.  He can take Trouble with him :0)  Wayne is one of those people who knows every song and who sang it.  He always asks me, "Who sang this?"  I say, "Give me the first letter of their last name....the second letter?"  Haha  Not my high point.  He has a long term memory and I have a short term memory.  He can tell me what we did 20 years ago and where and I can tell him where his keys are. In that respect, we are compatible.  Plus, we both have a deep love of animals.  After that, I'm not sure what attracted us to each other than sex.  :0)

Hopefully, he and Terry's husband, Phil, will get to go out on Phil's boat and do some crabbing.  Plus, my neighbors all know when he is coming and I am sure they will invite him up to visit if not for dinner.  I am making a list of neighbors names and telephone numbers, plus a calendar of things he can go to if he feels like it when he is here.

Now, it's time for me to PACK.  I have had my two days of rest from the trials.  My girlfriend, Mary has been planning this Alaskan trip for over a year.  The cool thing about traveling with Mary is that I never have to do anything.  I pay for my excursions and air fare and she does the rest.  Plus, she likes to gamble, I like to watch, and we both like to play Bingo and drink martini's aboard.  This is the only time anyone will see me drink a martini.  Must be something about cruising or just the fancy bartenders at the martini bar on the ship.

Sometimes we even go on different excursions.  We just get along.  I don't think in all of the years I have known Mary that we ever have had a cross word.  We both have spent our lives in healthcare and know that each day is a gift.  So I am really looking forward to cruising the inside passage (which Wayne and I did 21 years ago) plus we are taking a train for a few days around Denali. We both love Vancouver and Stanley Park so we are staying two nights at the Westin there.  Fancy Schmancy :)

Well, that's about it for now.  I am meeting up with Patricia Pedersen for dinner tonight.  We have about 6 weeks of girl chat, catch-up, to yak about.

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