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Friday, June 19, 2015

On the Go!

I'm on the GO!  I'm afraid I might miss something. There is so much to do and see here.  Good thing I keep a monthly desk calendar and a weekly calendar on the refrigerator.  Among training for sheep trials, lessons, sheep trials, volunteering, the breakfast club, the photography club, and trying to keep the acreage (gardens) weeded....Phew!  This retirement is a FULL time job.

As long as my health holds out, I am blessed with wealth.  Not the $$ type of wealth, but blessed with by where I live, my neighbors, my friends, etc.  There just seems like so much to do and so little time.  But, I do take time to smell the roses and weed the roses.  Speaking of roses, I found three wild roses growing in strange places that I dug up and transplanted today.  That was a workout.  My house is sitting on clay.  If we have an earthquake, this house isn't going to move.  Damn, clay is hard to dig!

I got Champ and Yoko in an Oregon trial in June and another one in Oregon in July.  The end of July Wayne is taking care of the home front here for a couple of weeks while I go to Alaska.  The breakfast club is looking forward to seeing him again and so are the neighbors.  Plus, it will be crabbing time and I purchased him all the gear he needs last Christmas.  But, I do have a bit of a Honey-do list for him, too.  I'm trying to keep it at a minimum so he can have a bit of a vacation, too.

I planned my Alaska cruise so I wouldn't miss La Camas.  Bummer.  La Camas was cancelled and I am missing two very big trials, one including the 90 Farms trial.  Oh well...you can't win them all.  My trip is already paid for including the 3 side excursions.  My girlfriend and I leave the end of July to spend a few nights at the Westin in Vancouver before cruising the inside passage.  After the cruise we are taking a train ride through Alaska for a few days.

I have already found out a wealth of information about Sequim/Dungeness Valley by becoming a volunteer at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information center.  I work on Wednesday mornings so it won't interfere with my weekend sheep trialling.  They have lots of alternates that can sub for you (like when I am in Alaska).

I'm already looking at where I want to go on the 4th of July.  Last year I camped on the Elwah River (part of the National Park).  I may try a different place this year.  I know I don't want to stay in Sequim because they do it up BIG time with fireworks here.  I probably should stay in the National Park where NO fireworks are allowed.  When Hiroko was visiting we checked out a campground just inside the park.  It has over 100 sites.  I'll head out on the 3rd and stay until the 5th.

The end of August my brother and his wife are coming for a visit from Texas.  I hope they will stay for more than just a few days.  They are on a 6 week drive across the country vacation.  They will be coming up the coast and around the the western most point of Washington before arriving here.  I can't wait to see them.  I hope I can ESP the Elk in for a visit while they are here!

Busy, Busy, Busy....But, that's how I like it :0)

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Karen said...

You are one busy lady, and I enjoy reading all about it!