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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hart bookstore in Sequim

Another strange twist (the story of my life)  

I finally found time to walk through town.  It took me almost a year.  Downtown Sequim is quite small.  Now, I have been there quite a few times and being a social type person I'm getting to know quite a few people.
I have two favorite places, thus far.  The tea shop and the book store.  I am buying loose leaf teas for the first time in my life.  100% better than store bought tea bags!  Live and learn.  I haven't tried many flavors, but i am sold on their pomegranate tea :0)
Back to the book store.  When you walk in it reminds you of an old antique store with kind of an endearing musty scent.  They have Olympic park trail maps and bird guides along with a zillion other books.  They have a back room (which I will have to find out more about) It has a sign that says employees only and it looks like a huge library.  Next trip, I'll enquire:0)
Meanwhile, I notice there are photos of William S. Hart on one of the walls of the bookstore and a photo of his wife.  I thought this is kind of odd since I am in Washington and Wm S. Hart's home (now turned into a museum) is in Newhall, Ca.  I lived in Newhall for years when I went to nursing school.  It is where I met my husband.  
So, the second time i am there I enquire about the relationship of the bookstore to Wm S. Hart.  Not even noticing that the book store is called Hart's fine Books (LOL)  Turns out the owner of the bookstore was married to Wm S. Hart's son, Bill.  Bill has now since passed on.  The owner is remarried to the man who owns the Purple Haze Lavender Farm.  It is one of my most favorite lavender places to visit during the lavender festival!  They also have a Purple haze lavender store a few doors down from Hart Fine Books.
So there you have it.  Coincidence...most likely.  But, these kind of strange things happen to me ALL of the time :0)

Me, last year at Purple Haze Lavender Farm

Hart’s Fine Books is a charming, eclectic bookstore in the heart of downtown Sequim. Home to a vast collection of vintage and rare books, the shop also showcases a wide range of ephemera, mainly from the early film industry. The store is a homage to William S. Hart Jr., whose personal collection forms the core of the items for sale. Its ambience evokes an earlier era.
Every book tells a story, above and beyond its author's intent. William S. Hart Jr. was the son of two silent film stars, Winifred Westover Hart and William Surrey Hart. This collection reflects the interests of their lives as well as his own. You may pick up a book signed by Tod Browning, the director of many early films including the 1931 silent film "Dracula" and the 1934 cult class "Freaks." In another section, you can browse books on military history and see how they tie in to Bill Hart Jr.'s experience as a cryptographer during World War II.  
Sequim, Washington

A member of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the William S. Hart Museum is less than an hour's drive from most areas of Los Angeles.
The William S. Hart Park and Museum is the former retirement home of the famed silent film actor and director who produced a series of hit Western movies in the early 1900's. His beautiful Spanish Colonial Revival Style Mansion – now the Museum – exhibits an impressive collection of Western artwork by noted artists Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, and Joe de Yong, as well as mementos from early Hollywood, personal furnishings and effects, and artifacts representing multiple Native American cultures.
The Museum also includes an historic 1910 Ranch House that exhibits Hart's tack and saddle collection, personal furnishings, and additional Hollywood mementos.
Both the Mansion and the Ranch House are located in scenic William S. Hart Park, where guests may enjoy visiting a live collection of farm animals, a herd of American bison, a vast picnic area, a series of hiking trails, and a charming Western-themed Gift Store.
As Mr. Hart's gift to the public, visiting the Park and Museum is always free.

Newhall, California

The Hart home (museum) is in Newhall Park plus has a petting zoo of well taken care of animals.  So, of course, I always took my dogs to the park and strolled through the petting zoo :0)  For my California friends, if you live close to Newhall and you haven't been, it's free.  

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