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Sunday, February 22, 2015

How true!

I'll have another cup of coffee on that note....and another dog. And, one more cup of coffee...and one  more dog!

Off to Fido's tomorrow for a trial.  My dogs run late, but I still have to get up early at 4:30 AM to get there to "walk" the course.  They usually have several sets of extra panels out there from the Pro-Novice running Saturday that they are using for the nursery running after open on Sunday.  It makes it quite confusing, so I need to get a handle on it (wrap my mind around the correct set of panels)

I will finish this blog when I return home Sunday night or Monday morn.

Well, the trial is over.  Not too much to say except I was disappointed in both dogs.  Both were wearing invisible ear muffs.  I think we need to get out to OTHER places.  Too much work at home and too many trials on the same field at Fidos.

Honest, they work so beautifully at home....sigh.  Yoko did a few nice things, but at the first drive panel she eyed her sheep and wouldn't listen to me.  Actually she didn't listen on her fetch either, but fortunately she balanced them quite nicely thought the fetch panels.

I was really disappointed in Champ.  Pointed for over running his sheep and needing correction on his lift.  After coming through the fetch panels he felt (he knew) the game with the sheep putting pressure on him to go to the exhaust.  It was ugly.  Only part he did anywhere near my expectations was in the shed ring.  The judge took points off (maybe for missed attempts, but I didn't call him in until I knew we had a chance)  He got both his shed and single and I was pleased with them.

Me, I need some work.  I am so shocked at their non listening skills on the trial field in comparison to how they work at home, I become a nervous wreck by the time they make the turn at the post.  Then I start to flip my stick (crook) making things even worse.  I may have to run WITHOUT one for awhile.  Oh woe is me.

On top of that, my Grandson left today to meet up with who he will be working with while in the Middle East for the next 8 months.  My son comes home and now my Grandson leaves.  He is just the smartest, most delightful and loved individual.  It saddens our hearts to see him go :0(  

Sometimes life is difficult. 

But, the show must go on.

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