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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Clinic this week

Most of my adventures down south in Roseburg, Lebanon, and Scio I facebooked.  I don't have the energy to repeat all of my stories, though I had some good photos :0)  Happy for my son with his new property.  Prayers to my grandson on his travels (deployment) to Afghanistan.  Good memories of hiking with my boys and wives up the Umpqua river.  I get to spend so little time with them these days. It seems  everyone is going in opposite directions. Glad I have a hard head after slipping in the mud getting a concussion.  Pleased that Champ's sister JoJo has found a great new home with Carol Wiggins.  Sick and tired of gray rainy days.  I thought I would never say that, but this is getting a bit old (me, included).  I'm ready for some sunshine.

Now, with that said, onward and upward.  Lift your head above the clouds girlfriend.  Get your head out of that thick fog.  I'm starting a little part time job teaching nursing assistants clinical this week.  I am also getting my first Social Security check this month.  I will need a little extra spending money, so I am keeping my eyes peeled for any small offers of employment :0)

Thursday through Sunday I will be attending the Faansie Basson clinic in Olympia at Dave's place.  Thursday is lesson day, Fri/Sat is the working clinic and Sun. is a shedding clinic.  It couldn't have come at a better time!

On the way home after getting myself concussed, I ran both my dogs at Scio in ankle deep mud.  I wasn't 100% and neither of my dogs ran all that well either.  Yoko would not cover her fetch and just wasn't a happy camper, but I made her slog through it until time was called on her cross drive.  Pretty boy Champ did okay.  We missed both our drive panels and I was literally stuck in the mud with 3 sheep glued to me in the shed ring, so we lost all of our shed/pen points.  That's okay, he got around with different sheep.  That's our whole point of this year.  EXPERIENCE.

I will try to get into Heppner (Oregon) and Sonoma and McCormack (California)  These are big trials that use range ewes.  It is time for Champ and me to venture out.  All we have trailed here in the PNW have been farm flocks.  It will be great experience for us.

I plan on stopping in at our Green Valley home, but I think that might be the first week in April.  Not sure yet.  I have to put all my plans in front of me.  Lord willing' and the creeks don't rise....

Picture by Bonnie Block :0)


Prairie Stitcher said...

You are doing great! What a great photo by Bonnie. So much life and concentration and eagerness. WOW. Living on the "Westside", (as we say, over here on the Eastside) the creeks may rise.....but you won't have to worry about the Creeks, who live in Alabama and Oklahoma. Good old Benjamin Hawkins, an early agent to the Creeks, said that when the President asked him if he could come to DC. The Creeks WERE very fierce fighters. Our creek is rising and running earlier than we've seen it run in years due to all the wonderful rain. Sorry, I have to say wonderful....I mean, this IS rather a desert, here, where we are (Odessa). Hope your head doesn't ache. You're a credit to us all, climbing mountains and getting down and dirty with the mud. So, onward and upward....er....carefully. We're wishing you well.

gvmama said...

Thank-you. When I get through with all of my travels, I'd like a "Katrina." Huge pack of coyotes here, though. And, traveling with a kitty....not sure about that!