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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Thankful for my family and friends.  Thankful for my dogs.  Thankful that I was able to buy and settle in a home in Sequim.  Thankful for each new day I get to enjoy.  Thankful to be alive!

I have always been a "positive" person.  Depression just isn't in my vocabulary.  I take after my father in that respect.  He always told me "Life goes by too fast, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!"  I had great folks, but my father truly was my hero.  He allowed me to paint in water colors on my walls.  We would write poems, words of encouragement, etc. in different colors all around my bed :0)  He was an avid supporter of me, my animals and horse competitions.  Our love was so deep.

So, I guess that's where I get my optimistic outlook no matter what is going on in my life.  And, life hasn't always been a bowl of cherries for me.  That's why I have always said, "Don't judge a person until you have walked a mile in their moccasins."  I'm having some cancer related health problems now (from past radiation) that has been difficult for me to endure. I'm working with some Docs and will see some specialists in Seattle to see if they can help me.

Meanwhile, I try to keep healthy.  If I can't keep myself healthy physically; I certainly can give it my best shot mentally.  Hence, the Buddha apps, the zen apps, the self help books, and now my newest endeavor, self hypnosis.

I bought a self-hypnosis book with audio sessions for my Kindle for $2.99.  The first couple of sessions I was so relaxed, I fell asleep.  Next time I had a cup of coffee, stayed awake, but still was very relaxed.  I have been hypnotized in the past, so I know I can be easily put under with the power of suggestion.  So why not, use my own power of suggestion for my health, mental outlook, and even dog competitions.

Today I went to an open trial at Fido Farms.  Their trials are tricky to say the least.  The last one I attended had a huge dog leg fetch,  I was lucky that both of my dogs did the dog leg and made the turn around the cone and the fetch panels.  Today's trial was a straight fetch but with a bit of a wicked drive.  The handlers cone was about 25 yds or more from the cone that ended the drive by the shed ring.  To make things even more confusing, they kept the pro-novice panels up on the course from the day before that they were going to use for the nursery class after open.  There were 5 sets of panels on the field.  A little difficult for us gray haired ones!  The first leg of the drive had a wicked exhaust pull as did the fetch, too.  The 2nd leg of the drive was an awkward angle that was difficult to see because of the pro-novice panels in the way.  The 3rd leg of the drive, many of the dogs wanted to drive/fetch to the handler's cone, but they were to go to the cone some 25 yds. away from the handler's cone.  Tricky.

But, I used my self hypnosis to relax myself and walk myself through the course before my runs.  Kind of what I might do before running an agility course.  Thankfully, I didn't fall asleep and I was pleased with both of my dog's runs.  More so with Yoko than Champ, but Champ won the class and Yoko tied for 5th taking 6th.  I really think it helped me get a handle on the course and the sheep.  These big Cheviots can be difficult at times.  It is pretty much 'luck of the draw.'  Some will stand off your dog and they look rather intimidating because their ginormous size.  Let's say you wouldn't want one to step on your toes :0)

Yoko after the fetch ran fairly easily taking quiet whistles.  Champ, not so much.  I think we had a moment of about 50 yds where I didn't have to say anything on the cross drive, since that is his favorite part of the course.  But, I still had to screech multiple times, "CHAMP!"  At home he is using the softest of whistles.  We are just not there yet at the trials.  Plus, he still gets up too quickly coming on to his sheep.  We will be working on this for awhile.  But, he was way more thoughtful around the other dogs (not wanting to breed everything in sight)...well, he still might have wanted to, but he keep checking in with me to see what I was thinking.  He got lots of praise.  Normally he would want to pull me to the post.  I refuse to have a dog go out on leash, so now he is learning to follow me and remain at my my side before launching off into his fetch.  And, it is a "launch."  Nothing half way with The Champster. :0)  So, if at each trial both dogs make a little more headway, I'm happy.  At least I am not going backwards.

Oh by the way, I wore a watch for the very first time.  I told a few friends I was going to "Up my Game" and look professional.  Hahahaha  I set my watch, turned it on as the dogs left on their outruns, and never looked at it again,  This may take awhile.  Maybe, a little more hypnosis :0)

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Karen said...

You guys 'done good' today! Congrats:)