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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Life is GOOD

And, so is my new BED

Love these new Kirkland dog beds from Costco.  Liked them so much I bought 2 of them.  Dogs love the high sides and the furry lining is reversible; synthetic looking leather on the other side.  They are just a shade darker than my leather couch and living room chair.  In other words, they fit right in.

We went from this.... to that FOG bank you see in the distance.  We have been stuck in that fog bank for almost a full week :0( 

Usually we have clear skies in Happy Valley and it is fogged in by the water.  But, for a few days while we couldn't 20 feet in front of us, this is what it looked like on the water.

During our clear spell we were fortunate enough to have a small herd of Elk visit us.  They actually were right on our driveway which was quite a shock for Champ!  They stayed for a little over 24 hours.  It was very exciting.

And, my drives back and forth from lessons on the 101 have been absolutely stunning around every curve.  Most of the time there isn't a place I can turn out to take pictures for you.  But, I tell you, it is a most enjoyable drive.  Plus, there are a dozen small state parks I can pull into along the way if I feel like walking the dogs or doing a little sightseeing on my own two feet.

And, people ask me, "When are you going to get some livestock?"
The Anaya's have enough wild life, thank-you very much! :0)

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