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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Three Waters

My day started really about noon after I finished breakfast, cleaning, and doing some agility things with Champ.  Back in the woods where my truck was, the dogs surprised this little guy who was somewhere on the under side of my truck.  He scurried up the tree and gave us holy hell for about a full minute!  I think I will  make hims little feeder of suet and peanuts.  Maybe, he will stay out of my truck.  This tree he is in is a dead tree full of holes for him to hide in and hide his food, so he should be pretty happy.

On our way down Elk Heights Trail I glanced at our driveway thankful that our new carport was up.  We have had several inches of rain and it has only been up a couple of weeks, if that!

I went over to Patricia's to work Champ and Yoko on sheep.  Afterwards as I was driving out her road I saw a flock of geese that haven't moved on.  I decided that I need to hike, walk, and explore more over the next 6 weeks before the holidays.  I had directions to an 8 acre County park called Three Waters.  I looked everywhere for it.  I couldn't find it :0(  I did find the Dungeness Fish hatchery.

Then, I saw parked next to the Dungeness River this particular truck.  I memorized where he was fishing.  The pros know :0)

Father/son fly fishing.

I promised Jet a hike after working the other two dogs on sheep.  We decided to do a couple miles of the Discovery trail which is over 100 miles.  A lady I met on the trail said this used to train tracks that they paved over.  She told me I probably didn't have time to walk clear to Port Townshend.  Ha.  I told her doubtful neither Jet nor I could make that long a hike (some 25 miles)  LOL

Jet was pretty funny carrying a large leaf he found.  It must have been a substitute for his lunchbox.  He was just being silly :0)

He has been feeling pretty good of late.  Thank God he can see, because he hears next to nothing.

Mushrooms EVERYWHERE.  Every day I pick about 100 new mushrooms from my lawn at home.  I don't know if they are good or bad.  But, I do know I have seen Champ pick a few.  He has received a few stern "Outs" any time I see him even think about it.

An old truck along the Discovery trail.  It looked like a painting.

A clearing on the trail gave us some beautiful views.

An old van on private property that we could see from the trail.

I don't think I could afford to live here, but what a great place right on Sequim Bay.

Jet did well for a two miler.  We had to get home so I could feed them and shower since I was invited for dinner at a new friend's home.  I sure have been blessed with lots of lovely new friends.  I now have a pre Thanksgiving dinner invite (one week before Turkey day) and a real Thanksgiving dinner invite.  I don't know how I am going to lose weight!

Monday I will stop by the Visitor Center and find out why I couldn't find Three Waters park.  I haven't stopped in the Visitor Center there yet and some of my neighbors volunteer there.
Anyway you look at it, I am having a wonderful time in Sequim.  Wayne is trying to get 17 days off at Christmas.  Of course, some 5 days for driving and he will be here shy of a couple of weeks.  Something is better than nothing, that's for sure!

It's going to be a BIG week.   I need to get the van ready for another long weekend trip.  I have lessons in Arlington Sat/Sun with Patrick Shannahan plus I am trailing Champ 20 min. away from where I am taking my lesson on Sunday.

Can you say busy!!!!!  That's the way I like it :0)  (Most of the time)

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