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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jing Tang Jet

That's my new name for Jet….Jing Tang Jet.  We have started him on some Chinese herbs to hopefully shrink his tumor and prolong his life :0)  We…meaning the very CARING Vet I met at the last trial.  She didn't know me from Adam and took the time to assess Jet on the spot.  She also took the time to prescribe and send me the herbs for him.  In this day and age, I find this very unusual.  I couldn't help but like her as soon as I met her.
This is Jing Tang Jet's gravesite.  If it keeps raining, we can fill it with Koi.  I'm hoping we can!  I'll take a Koi pond over a grave any day.

Jet has been off the Prednisone for almost 3 weeks now.  He is eating, drinking, pooping and peeing normally.  He did develop a few upper respiratory symptoms..clear nasal discharge with some sneezing.  Seems not to be viral or bacterial. It is intermittent.  It happens usually in the middle of the night. Most likely related to the head shaking he has been doing for a year.  Everyone has looked in his ears….no one sees anything wrong.  Getting older isn't for sissies.  I'm just so glad he feels better.

Lots coming up in the next few weeks. This weekend a long weekend with my girlfriend, Melodie, that is flying up from SoCal.  Carport going in this coming Monday. Several days later I am taking off in the RV to Milton Freewater, Oregon for the Fire Ridge sheep trial.  Champ will be able to trial 3 days in a row in Pro-Novice.  Two weeks after that we will be taking a couple of lessons with Patrick Shannahan at Joe and Heather Haynes new farm.  Thanksgiving with my neighbors and new friends. Then, I plan to do one sheep trial in Arlington along with the Jack Knox clinic in mid December.  That about sums it up.  Lord willing' and the creeks don't rise, Wayne, Kilt, and Trouble,  and my son and daughter-in-law will be here for a few days around Christmas time.  Lots to plan and look forward to….lots to thankful for.


Karen said...

What a great vet, I hope the herb works wonders on Jet!

Okay, there's a limerick there, just gotta work on the last two lines:)

There was an old dog called Jet
Who met a lovely new vet
She prescribed him some herbs

gvmama said...

Happy Birthday Jet. He is 14 years old TODAY. I usually use Jan 1st as their birthdays like they are horses :) But, I truly know all of the birth dates. We will have a party as soon as I get back from agility.
Kilt is 10 years old tomorrow. Champ is 3 years old Dec. 19th. Yoko is 7 years old January 19th and Trouble will be 13 years old May 10th.

gvmama said...

We are ALL getting to be some OLD dawgs……

Anonymous said...

....to give him some verve

Prairie Stitcher said...

There was an old dog called Jet
Who met a lovely new vet
She prescribed him some herbs
To give him some verve
And now he's the best of the best.

Long life, Jet!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Was that Audrey who I introduced you to...she is the God Mother to my dogs

gvmama said...

Prairie Stitcher...I LOVE it!
And, a big YES to Audrey.