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Monday, September 15, 2014


Jet just walked the whole property with me.  His tummy felt tight, so I figured walk him like a horse who is colicky.  He actually kept a steady pace and beat me up the hill!  But, each day is and up and down battle with him.  One moment I'm sure he has had enough and the next moment he is looking at me with longing eyes and wagging his tail.  I may have to write a book called, "The dog that refused to die."  All said with tongue and cheek, but it's taking it's toll on both of us.

This is Jet this evening.  I make him take a nightly walk.  I put tread on the front and back stairs for him and it will good for us in the rainy, icy season.

I, also, put heavy rubber mats down out the back door.  This is the door the dogs use and they use the porch as a take off ramp.  Instead of them tearing up the porch, they now can peel out on the rubber.  It will also be good for 'us' this winter.

My kennels are finished, 3 out of 4. They have roofs and sidings up for inclement weather, but still able to let the breeze blow through on humid summer days.  Each has red pavers for their floors now.  Nicer than rocks, can't dig, and easy to clean if need be.  Jet has his own kennel.  Yoko and Champ do well together.  I have another large kennel by the garden side of the house.  I may need to rearrange kennel mates when Kilt and Trouble come for Christmas :0)

My handyman, Dave, helped me with the kennels :0)  All with roofs, but just enough siding to keep dry, but let the breeze blow through in the summer.

I have chosen the carpet I want.  I went with a heavy traffic, low pile, rusty color versus looking at many tri colored commercial varieties.  I might as well have a little plush before I croak.  Our carpet in SoCal is commercial.  Of course, it has lasted 30 years and still looks great.  Hopefully, I will have no regrets :0)

Bathroom tile is on backorder.  I have chosen a neutral color for the carport which I will order next week.  I need a carport to keep my RV under.  I just love my 2002 RV van and want it covered.  I ordered the carport today in a neutral pebblestone color with evergreen trim to match the house.  It will be 18 feet by 21 feet.  It won't be here for 6 weeks (of course).

The carport should match the cream color of the house with an evergreen trim

And, this is where the carport is going.  I still need a few more lava rocks in the west corner and i plan on putting in 3 timber landscape 8 foot long steps from the carport up to the house.  Ugh…another project.

There they are….waiting for me :0(

Look closely and you can see my red truck.  I now park it above the house and walk down to the front door instead of very steeply UP to the front door.  I love it back there.  It is like having my own meditative forest.  Actually, we now have 3 driveways.  Kind of like we did in Green Valley.

Champ pops up in the damnedest places.  He is not supposed to be in my garden.  But, he is so damn cute, I took his picture :)

As long as I can divert anymore disasters, things are on the upswing.
 I'm amazed I have survived these 3 1/2 months as well as I have.  Where's there's a will, there's a way. That's what my grandmother always said. The good thing I have going for me is that I have never suffered from depression.  I usually am quite able to pick myself up and dust myself off.  Hopefully all of my projects at this moment and time will be finished by Thanksgiving.  Thanks for stopping by :0)

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Prairie Stitcher said...

Keep up the good work. Depressiveness is not a good thing on the Strait of Juan De Fuca where it rains a lot.....though Sequim is considered a garden spot. You'll be fine. And if you hit a low point, you can come over to the sunny side (west of the Cascades) and get a spot of solarness. Jet's journey is difficult, I can see. Won't all of our journeys, toward the end, be so? Hard to ponder. Thanks for the updates.