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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Retire, what's that?

Thankful that I like the colors that I picked out for the bedrooms.  Got rid of the dark peach and blood burgundy combo in the master and went with a soft peach on the walls and ceiling.  Looks nice.  I just need to get rid of the ugly brown ceiling fan.  It needs a white fan with frosted dainty globes.  I will wait until Wayne comes over the holidays to change that for me.
The spare bedroom which is just the same size as the master (small) was painted half in blue, half in yellow with a 6 inch wide of flowery wall paper around the middle.  Ugh.  It wasn't me.  I painted it a  sage green.  I used a blue border around the window pane since it has a blue shade in the room.  It looks really nice.

The guys that dried the floors never put the closet doors back on.  Thankfully the contractor that is doing the drywall put them on for me the other day.  I was using a lantern for my bedside light since I couldn't reach the wall outlet because of the closet doors covering it.  I think he (the contractor) felt sorry for me.  He said he would paint one wall in the living room that has some sun bleaching from where the previous owners removed their bookcase.  He said, "I'll roll it for free for you."  Big thank-you.
The contractor that is doing the excavating behind the house knows the contractor doing the drywall.  Both recommended the "same" people to put in carpet for us.  That was a huge relief.  Home Depot was monkeying me around.  They wanted $30 per room to move furniture, $50 to measure, etc. etc. The other carpet place in town…well, the guys are all older than I am and really could care less if they make a sale or not.  Very strange.  The new people I called said they would be here Monday to measure.

We may remove a couple of big trees behind us.  I tried not to move any, but we really need a bit more room.  Steve was going to hand cut a path to the garden from the flat area above for parking.  I said, Bull doze it (forget the hand cutting) and while you are at it, get rid of that pampas grass.  Done deal.  That pampas grass was already becoming a thorn in my side.  I'm not fond of taking care of it.  Plus, it was right in the way of the path to the house.  Now we have have 3 humungous piles of brush, etc. to burn back there in the woods come October when they lift the burn ban.  Plus, I must have over a cord of wood to cut up.  Unfortunately, the gas chain saw is in California.  Of course :0(

The culverts are in place on the road.  The drive is still going to be a bit steep, but at least there will be a level area to park.  All of a sudden after walking it a few times I got the bright idea to make it a circular drive above.  I'm glad I did.  Now I don't need to chop those couple of big firs. I think it is going to be so much better! I took all of this on by myself, but I'm sure Wayne will be happy to see how much work has been done and happy to have a place to park!  Next week the gravel will be laid down.  And, actually from our back acre you can SEE the water.  Too bad, the previous owners didn't put the house back there.  Odd.  But, I'm not complaining, we got in here for a good price.  We are the shack on the corner among the million dollar homes :0)

Pretty amazing when you think that you couldn't get through these woods without a machete.  Look at it now!  The path straight ahead leads right to the side of the house.

I really need to step up the search for work next week.  The dogs are pretty settled in now.  I am fairly settled, other than losing the diamond rings and not being able to find them.  I had my first interview.  It went well.  It was more like me interviewing them, so who knows, they might not call me back for a second interview.  I'm not sure I want that job anyway.  Lots of weekends and night hospice work and a ton of traveling.  I'm not sure I want to drive out to Forks at night to Ma and Pa Kettle's place in the boondocks.  Kind of scary. Know what I mean?

I will stop by the hospital in Port Angeles next week and see what kind of job openings there are, plus, I haven't gone over to the Olympic Medical Center yet.  With the dog being sick, the vaccinations, the drying of the floors, the fixing of the leak, the repair of the drywall, the painting, the excavating, the repair of the septic, the checking of the heat pump and now putting in carpet…..Lord knows, I need to make some MONEY.  Retire, what's that?

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Prairie Stitcher said...

I think you're very brave doing all this by yourself. Oh, excuse me, you have the dogs to help. Don't know how I got here but I read a few blogs every day and I started reading yours. Probably had something to do with quilting. Anyway, the Olympic Peninsula is great. I live in the desert in almost the middle of the state. We're praying for rain every day, here. The wheat crop is being cut and it's not great due to lack of rain. I love border collies. Don't have one but do have two cats. Come by for a virtual scone and a cup of something when you have a minute. Right, what's a minute? Kathie, in Odessa, WA