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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park)

I'm an early riser, so after the dogs and I took a bit of a hike at the Elwah River campground, I loaded up and headed for Hurricane Ridge. When I got to the top of the Ridge there were only 5 cars in the parking lot which can hold 100's of vehicles.

Dogs aren't allowed to hike in National Parks, but it was a cool upper 50's, so I left them in the RV/Van.  I hiked around for a couple of hours.  They weren't too upset because we still were sharing a whole baked chicken and there was lots left.
A couple of girls in their 20's hiked up to this vista point with me.  Down below is water and the land you see is Canada.  On our way up we ran into another couple with a ton of camera gear and binoculars.  

They loaned us all a chance to see a couple of black bears in this photo's meadows through their binoculars.  That was pretty neat.

The wildflowers were abundant.  The air wonderfully clear.  Just a tad bit of a nip in the air that made it even more perfect.  Sweatshirt weather :0)

This is a ski patrol station.  Ice Zebra station.

Deer were everywhere and didn't seem to mind me strolling along side while taking in the scenic views.

I sat down for awhile just to take all of the beauty in.  What is so very neat, is that i can get into the park free with my Senior Pass and the park is about 45 min. from where I live.

Just a pretty wildflower.

I saw a couple of marmot, 2 black bears (through the binoculars) and a zillion deer.

This is my Sound of Music photo.  The hills are alive…...

This photo was taken on the drive up to Hurricane Ridge.  He is just starting to lose his spots.

Bye Bye Hurricane Ridge.  You can best bet I'll be back….real soon!

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