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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tough Decision

Wayne wanted me to leave him Kilt when I move to Wa. in 6 weeks.  Five dogs is a lot for me to care for while getting settled.  I don't even have any dog fencing up yet.  Kilt likes to create havoc at almost 10 yrs of age.  She loves people, but hates strange dogs.  She is the town clown and has enough energy for all of my dogs.   But, I just can't leave her behind.  She would be too lonely.  Even though I know she will be the most work for me.  She would be so sad to leave her kids, Yoko and Champ, whom she dearly loves.  Plus, she acts as Jet's guardian.  She follows Jet and finds him when I can't see him.  So the decision has been made. The 4 Border Collies come with me.

How could I leave that face behind?

I am leaving Trouble with Wayne.  Trouble is 12 years old in a few weeks and she is a sun worshiper. She will be happier here with the warm weather. I can leave her 4X4 kennel run here.  We won't have to worry about the Collies running over her.  Plus, I won't have to watch her constantly worrying about an eagle or owl carrying her off.  I think she will do better here. The other deciding factor is that Wayne can fly her under his airplane seat when he comes to visit.   As long as she doesn't have another flare up with her cervical spine, she most likely will outlive both of us  LOL

It will be just as hard to leave my little bed buddy behind, but I know she will be happier in the land of sun.  She is always cold.

Still waiting for rain.  So sad. We need water for our wells.  The house will not sell if they aren't pumping a certain amount of gallons per minute :0(   Wayne still has 3 years left for his full retirement.  He will actively look for a transfer when we sell our Green Valley home.  Until then, I'm on my own.  A little scary after 30 years together.  I guess that's how it is going to be for awhile as the name of this blog says.....Four Border Collies and Me.

Wayne will take good care of Troubie.  

Wayne certainly won't be able to bitch about the food bill  LOL  All he has to do is cut her toenails and brush her teeth.  I will pay her airfare when he comes up to visit :0)

Onward and upward…another BIG decision made.

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Karen said...

Seems like the best decision, although a tough one for sure!