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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spiritual post

Someone said it's all about boundaries and I agree.  I had my feelings hurt by several people locally this month.  I will survive, but it was so unnecessary.  It is so much easier to communicate with kindness than be a total ass.  I most definitely can forgive, but as the sign says, I don't have to hang with them.

One of my favorite quotes is:
Just because someone puts CRAP in your coffee, doesn't mean you have to drink it :0)

I'm by no means perfect, but my profession is all about compassion and empathy.  That, I most certainly have learned and practice daily.  No one sees stranger family and significant other dynamics than a bedside nurse!  And, we usually see them at their worst under a great deal of stress.

At 8 AM I have two chimes that go off on my iPhone.  Both are meditational apps.  They remind me to center myself and fill my heart with joy that I got out of bed today;  I am alive.  My job is to care for my patients the best I can and do it in a way that makes them happy to be alive.

I am lucky that I grabbed the opportunity to talk with Life Coach, Donna Brinkworth, from Canada.  She was needing hours for her certification.  When one partner is sick and you are undergoing a lifetime change and move, a listening ear with sage advise couldn't have come at a better time.  Thank-you Donna.  She put everything in perspective and her suggestions were pivotal.

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Karen said...

Messages to live by!