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Monday, February 3, 2014

Living life to the fullest!

Just having too much fun! Can that be possible?  Having too much fun?  I don't think so.  As long as I have my health,  I'm going to have FUN everyday that I get up.

I  have been a busy lady this week.

It started with Wednesday when Stacey Munio brought Molly over to work in the desert.  Molly is coming 7 yrs. and such a nice working Border Collie.  It was a gorgeous day in the desert.  Stacey is a nurse, so we can work dogs and discuss nursing stuff, too.

Folks, I am going to sell these 5 sheep (1 wether, 4 ewes) sometime in the end of March.  They work perfectly for any dogs, especially, young dogs.  They have a gorgeous 'flow' to them.  So, if you are interested, jot me a line.

Last AHBA or AKC trial, Stacey tried Molly out on Geese.  She refused to look at the geese.  She kept wondering where her sheep were, so I told Stacey to come back to my house to work our geese.  This is a common occurrence if your dogs haven't worked birds.  They pretend they don't even see them.  Sometimes, it takes 4 or 5 times on birds, before they will turn on to them.  Jet never liked working birds, but he would give it an effort just for me.  My girls like birds.

I couldn't get Kilt to open up her eyes looking into the sun with Champ.  I think she needed some sun glasses :0)  Anyway, definitely, mother/son.

Yoko and I would go hiking while Stacey worked Molly.  The weather was lovely.  I had my good camera with me and was hoping I would see some burrowing Owls, but no such luck.  I did get a few nice pics of  my dogs.  Love this of Yoko.  This is about my third photo of her in the desert with an aura.  Sweet Yoko :0)

While Stacey and I were enjoying our tuna sandwiches on a log nearby, it was evident that Molly was going to see a new side to the geese.  Stacey said, "Should I call her away before they gang up on her?"  I thought for a moment, and said, "No.  "They are going to bite her in the butt or pull her tail.  Let's just see how she reacts."

YELP!  The hen grabbed her tail.  I think she needed that so she could realize that geese are a force to be reckoned with and are REAL.

Molly seemed so shocked.  A little face to face encounter and then Stacey called her off.  After that, GAME ON.  Molly worked the geese all over our property!

Molly kept her eye on them and worked them beautifully up and down our driveways.  She wasn't going to take her eyes OFF of the geese after getting bit in the butt :0)

My dogs don't get in the geese trough, but Molly decided it was a cool placed to lie.  The geese were a little pissed and came walking with intent at her.  But, they stopped short and retreated.  Geese are just like sheep.  They can READ a dog.  If you are a wimp, they will walk all over you.  It's been a real eye opener for me to watch their behavior.  I have to stand up to them, also.  If they think they can scare you, they will.

They retreated to their little green bucket of water while Molly used their wading pool :0)

Thursday/Friday I did a couple of 12 hour shifts at work.  Work was a little harder than I wanted on Friday, but my co-workers make it all worthwhile.  Saturday morning I was the first class in Course B field geese.  I only entered the girls in one class on Saturday.  Too much money.  Plus, I wanted to say hi to everyone.  I knew Molly Wisecarver had come in from Arizona.  I wanted to say hello.  Both Yoko and her mother worked the geese like tops.  I couldn't have been happier with them.  Beautiful calm work, nice pens, and nice sheds. :0)

Before we left the trial, this is what we purchased…2007 Rhino Sports Edition.  Pictured at home in our driveway.  Cold this morning.  Look at the frost on the windshield!  Has a 'winch", hitch, the back rubber matted for the dogs to ride in plus the back dumps.  Windshield goes up and down.  It's pretty cool plus has super low hours on it and is super clean.  Thanks to Colleen's son for giving us the tip it was for sale.

I didn't give my husband a chance to say anything.  "Thanks, we'll take it."  This morning I went outside while Wayne was warming up  his diesel to go to work.  It was about 35 degrees.  I was in my PJs.  I warmed up the rhino and took it for a spin.  Wayne would like to have a heart attack.  Oh my.  That made me laugh.  Come on Wayne, I used to drive a motorcycle to college at UCLA.  I would have to drive it through demonstrations and right down Wilshire Boulevard.  I think I can handle a Rhino.  LOL

That night at the after trial dinner at Casa Gutierrez I found out the results of their work.  Kilt was High in Trial on geese and her daughter, Yoko, was Reserve High in Trial to her.  Hey, my first GOOSE presents. I got a goose stake in the ground and a couple of nice handmade goose pillows.  Way cool.

I feel very confident about working geese after having my own all summer.  At the trial they set the geese with dogs on 3 way hay.  They will set just like sheep on hay most of the time.  Kilt had a lovely group of 5 geese.  She walked them through the course very nicely ( a little off line on the fetch).  Yoko had young geese with a loner in the group.  Kilt's group didn't set on the hay, but Yoko's did.  When she started her lift, they turned on her.  Yoko doesn't like being bit or hissed at by geese.  It doesn't bother Kilt (my junk yard dog)  But, Yoko rose to the occasion since she was trailing and gave a jump into their faces.  She lost 2 points off her lift, but GAINED 2 points from my perspective.  The geese lifted straight down the fetch line. Her whole run was gorgeous. :0)

Sunday my girlfriend treated me to a movie and dinner.  We went and saw The Dallas Buyers Club with Matthew McConneghy (I slaughtered his last name…sorry)  Anyway, his acting was okay, but the whole story was rather boring to us.  Everyone in the theater clapped, so they must have enjoyed it more than we did.  I think they clapped because he fought a battle with HIV against the FDA.  Afterwards, we went out for a great Sushi dinner that had big screens so we could watch the Broncos get their you know whats kicked.

This is Champ's week coming up.  I hope to have time tomorrow to work him in the desert.  Wed/Thurs. I have to work at the hospital.  Friday morning we will be driving to Oakland.  That should take me about 5 1/2 hours.  Hey, like a walk in the park after driving back and forth to Sequim :0)  We are taking a clinic from Patrick Shannahan at Bonnie Richardson's place.  I am so looking forward to that.  I may take Yoko along for the ride.  Plan on stopping at Suzy's on the way home for a lesson.  Lord willing' and the creeks don't rise.


Karen said...

You are one busy lady, doing all sorts of fun stuff, and no, I don't think you can have TOO much fun:)
Love your new toy, wench, I mean winch, and all!

Anonymous said...

Nice update

Anonymous said...

Nice update

Anonymous said...

I always knew you had some motorcycle-mamma in you!