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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Huevos Rancheros

My geese have been mean of late.  They temperaments have taken a turn for the worse.  I could see that some of my hens were with eggs.  But, none had laid any until Valentines Day.  Then, we got our first goose egg.  I have what appears to be three hens and two ganders.  Maybe it's because of this spring like weather in the winter, but my husband said they are having a F*** Fest.  They only dog they don't mess with too much is Kilt.  Not too many mess with Kilt, no matter what species you are :0)  Yoko and Champ are learning to make some jump in their faces and a few fly bys at them when the geese come after them.  Our first egg was laid on Valentine's Day.  I put it in their dog house and I think the goose that laid it is pretty happy with it in there.

Can you see "Dot" in the dog house making her nest with her one egg.

I take them for a walk down the property to the sheep area every day that I am not working.  I like to keep them in shape, plus they need to get out of the arena.  They think they own the arena.

Kilt bringing them up from the barn.  I don't like to put Champ and Yoko on them when they are laying.  They are too damn mean.  I carry the lid to one of their feed buckets as a shield.  One bit me the other day and drew blood.  I'm prepared now.  Normally I would just hiss at them and stand my ground.  But, now, they will lower their heads and come at you.  El Cabong!  They know I will whack them one.

Two eggs today in the dog house.  Possible huevos rancheros and possibly a goose for dinner.

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