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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Camelot AKA Sequim

"Where it never rains until after sundown"

The weather Gods haven't been good to the rest of the country, but we are thankful for a dry, non freezing trip to Sequim and back.  The drive was pretty uneventful.  I left my VW up there in the garage and drove back with Wayne and the dogs.  We picked up Champ at Suzy's on the way home.  The geese did fine while I was gone and we will pick up our sheep later today.

We are home (kind of)

Unpacking the 30 foot trailer Wayne drove up.  Absolutely love this room.  It will be the living room, dining room, kitchen, and office.  I have always bitched about our partial A-frame in Green Valley about being too dark.  I won't be complaining anymore :0)

Lots to do in a pretty short time

Kilt having fun while we work.  A dog's life :0)

It's a long slope of a trek to the pond.  Wayne is scolding Jet for wandering off in  the brush.  Most definitely will find a used Rhino or Polaris to have on the property.

The geese should like this!

And, more unpacking, putting together, etc.  We did get rid of the little toilet that was pretty gross in our only bathroom.  We went to Home Depot and bought a tall toilet with a lid that closes softly.  We have those in our Calif. house and I love them.

We fired up the wood burning stove.  It almost drove us out of the place.  When we went to bed it was 76 degrees in the house.  Neither of us slept with any blankets.  Now we know it works. LOL

We thought we had packed the bed frame.  Obviously not.  But, the dogs loved it, especially old Jet and Trouble.  Jet would disappear for naps every day.

A chilly morning, jackets on the oldest and on us.  We are COLD weather people, so Sequim is going to suit us perfectly.  Trouble, not so much :0)

Still lots to figure out as to where to put the kennels, a dog run, the geese, a garage, etc. etc.  One thing at a time.

I bought Wayne a little lawn tractor.  He likes it.  hahaha  Our realtor suggested a man to caretake the place in our absence.  He is the assistant pastor at the local church.  We are way off the beaten path on a private drive, but need someone come late winter to mow and weed and keep an eye on the place for us.

Now, I know I am home.


Jenny Glen said...

So much fun setting up house! It sure is a beautiful place.

gvmama said...

Thank-you Jenny. It would be even more fun if I could win the lottery. One day, one thing, at a time.
But, yes, it is a beautiful place to retire. My first lunch guests were Bonnie Block and Patricia Pedersen. Very fun.