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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On the road again…..

Okay, I was set to work Christmas Eve and Christmas.  I called in sick for Christmas, but let them know in advance.  I haven't called in sick in over a year.  I just didn't feel like working 2 back to back 12 hour shifts and then starting a 20 hour plus drive to Sequim…especially with just getting over a cold.

I weather proofed some pipes, closed water valves, opened hoses, got the geese all fixed up in the sheep barn, and the sheep are on vacation at another ranch.  I am ready.  I have the VW packed lightly.  Jet and Trouble are riding in the back of the VW sports wagon.  I have weaned Jet off his steroids because I can't stop every few hours for him to pee.  Bless his heart.

I have the dog emergency box.  I have my goodies to munch on and a couple of audio book cassettes.  I threw in a couple of cameras, an umbrella, some muck boots and the few odds and ends that Wayne forgot.  I think I'm good to go :0)

Hoping to get on the road around 8 AM after I care for the geese and catch a shower.  I won't get home until after 8 pm on Christmas eve from the hospital.  So I figure I should arrive on the 28th.  I will have to watch the weather since I have no chains for the VW and it is as light as a feather.  Not a good ice mobile, but fabulous on mileage.

Wayne arrived in Sequim on the 23rd.  His weather was nice all of the way up.  Everything went great until he arrived.  He got stuck in the mud on our property with the trailer.  Hard to believe.  This man can drive anything and back anything through the eye of a needle.  I was shocked to hear that he didn't test the ground for sogginess.  He said it looked dry.  Well, 22 hours is a long trip.  I'll cut him a huss.  He could hear the smoke alarm going off inside the house.  The dogs both freaked.  He had to go back out in the mud where he left the trailer to unpack his ladder to get to the smoke alarm.  The sellers were to have a housecleaning group come clean the house.  We gave them a couple of weeks and then had a locksmith change the locks on the house.  Bummer.  They never came.  The place is a huge mess.  Now, I'm feeling sorry for Wayne.  I thought he would be moving stuff in to a nice clean house.  Yuck.
Good news is that I had him take my new Shark vacuum up with him.  So now, you know what I'll be doing when I get there!  Boo Hiss.

We hired a guy to come monthly and take care of our 5 acres.  We hadn't heard from him, so I called and finally got ahold of him.  He came once.  He said he got a regular job and couldn't come any more.  Wonderful.  Wayne was expecting the pasture to be 5 feet high.  No worries, though.  One of our distant neighbors told him a dozen bull Elk have been living on the property.  They are eating everything.  Thankfully they didn't eat my garden area or my Blue Spruce.  Wayne said there are Elk hoof prints everywhere.

I purchased us a new Cal King bed to sleep in when Wayne gets it unpacked.  We have a dining room table, but forgot the extra leaf here.  We took our love seat and one end table.  We took 2 portable kennel runs and some crates.  That's it.  Oh yeah…we took the TV.  Oh, and one bookcase. We really don't have much in the way of furniture.  We will need to purchase a new living room set at some point.  I'm excited to get up there.  Wayne says the weather feels just about like it does here.  It's the humidity in Sequim that makes it feel warmer than it really is.

Wayne asked me to purchase a one level home.  Laughing…I did.  Just that the garage is the first story with the house on the second story along with a bunch of stairs and steps to get to the house.  Anyway, he's puffing unloading the trailer.  Keep at it, Wayne.  You're quite a bit younger than I am. (Even though, I don't think you could keep up with me….(hahahaha)

Sequim Bound Christmas Morn!  I'm on my way!  Yee Haaaa!

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Karen said...

Merry Christmas, and have a safe trip!