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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turkey Day

Okay then...our normal Thanksgiving is at the Kern River.  We were thinking about just going up for the day. This year, first time ever, McNally's is shut down for Thanksgiving.  Boo Hiss.

We had a lovely invite from Jennifer and Ron Ewers to join them for Thanksgiving in Campo.  It's so lovely when people offer.  But, I'd have to find help in town to care for the sheep and geese.

We actually could do Thanksgiving at our house.  I'd love to invite those that are by themselves or unable to do Thanksgiving.  But, there would be no place for them to sit.  We are going into box mode ready to pack.  Today, some of the dog kennels are being disassembled and put into the trailer.

We thought about going to a movie and restaurant.  Not sure.  What we are sure about is that we are THANKFUL.  Thankful for friends, family, work, our animals, and good health.  Amen

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving 

                               from our home to yours 



         And, remember to limit your alcohol intake to the recommendation :0)

                            And, get the proper amount of exercise!

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