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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Play Day for Jet and Trouble

These boots are made for walking.

Trouble jumped up on the auction item table.  I think she wanted this teepee, but it was a bit small for her.  Actually, she jumped up there to see if there were any food items of interest.

Jet was oh so happy that the weather was beautiful and that he and Trouble could wander around the ranch and visit.

When it was a bit warm, they rested in the doorway of my RV

Jet ambled over to TK who ran the lunch time auction which brought in $285 dollars for our Antelope Valley Stockdog Club.  Jet seemed to know that his winning whistle engraved with High Combined Winner (arena and field) was being auctioned off.  It went for a good cause.  It signaled an end to our herding decade.  Don't be sad, I kept his silver belt buckles he has won :0)

Wayne with his side kick, Trouble.

Trouble doing what she does best.  "Excuse me, where are the food items?"

"Oh, those sheep pellets feel so good on my back!" Free accupressure.

The end to a beautiful sunny California day.   Party's over :0)

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Karen said...

What a character Trouble is:)