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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Packing (for vacation, not Sequim) LOL

FIRST...off to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands on Thursday with my girlfriend.  Yea! 7 nights, I  believe.  We even have a town car picking us up at her home in Santa Clarita to take us to LAX.  That way, Wayne won't have to go to out of his way.

Champ is at Suzy's until the new year.  Wayne will only 4 have dogs to contend with, 6 geese and 5 sheep :0)  while I am on vacation. I made him up a daily check list for giving Jet his Levothyroxine and 1/2 Tramadol morning and night.  Plus, I have been using warm, wet compresses to his eyes morn and night.  They have been a bit goopy.  It's not easier getting older, but we are so glad Jet is still with us!

Yoko has a little bone chip in her toe, Trouble and Kilt appear to be okay for the moment.  It is a never ending saga with the dogs.  It's  just that the Border Collies are so kamikaze.  Understatement!  They can't just walk out the door like a labrador.  Everything is a race, a competition.  Geez.

A work friend of Wayne's is loaning us his "roadster" trailer to use to take stuff up to Sequim this December.  This is great, because UHaul's, etc. are so expensive.  I looked at pods and they are ridiculously expensive, too.  I think we can get completely moved in 3 trips.  Trip one will take some of the furniture out of our house making it appear a bit larger to put on the market this spring.  We have decided to take the two most portable dog runs up with us plus a dog house.  We will leave the other runs, one dog house, and a couple of igloos here until the spring.

Also, taking the computer and BIG screen TV, desks, etc. up to Sequim.  Without my computer and Wayne's TV, I think we will get a lot more work done.  LOL  We are also taking up the new steel garage we bought (new and not assembled) from friends in Leona Valley.  We got a great price for it.  But, it will be hell putting it up.  LOL  Plus, we will have to bulldoze a little to get the area we want to put it on flat.  Thankfully, Wayne and I both agree where it should go.
We do have a garage, but it is too small to house anything other than the Jetta.  Our trucks are too BIG.
That's okay.  The Jetta can take up one half and Wayne can use the other half as a work shop for himself.  There are stairs leading down to it from inside the house.  That makes it nice.

Our new home has less storage space than our small house does now :0(  That always is an ongoing problem for us.  Plus, we are going to have to put another bathroom in the place.  That will come later when we are all settled which I'm guessing will be over a year from now.  At least the one bathroom is the size of the two bathrooms we have now put together :0)  Have to look at the optimistic side.

No one fences up there because they allow the Elk to roam through several times a year.  Hmmmmm.  I will fence a small dog yard to the side of the house.  I have decided to put the working BCs on Revolution.  I had them tested and they are all heartworm negative.  Revolution covers fleas and ticks, too.  I'm guessing there will be a tick problem with the deer?  Nice thing about where we live now is NO ticks and NO fleas.  Nada.  That has been a blessing.  But, when you move to a new area, you really aren't sure what you will have to contend with until you get there.

The good thing is that Wayne and I didn't see ANY mosquitos while there.  Not even when the sun was going down.  We can appreciate that!  We have also been blessed here that we have had no coyotes bothering our sheep or geese.  Me thinks, that we will be a bit more isolated in Sequim and probably will have some encounters with coyotes.

Well, that's about all I have to say today.  Weeding out MY old clothes and taking only the necessities will be the hardest part.  Plus, I haven't finished putting the photos into batches to have made into discs. Oh woe is me.  I did purchase 4 framed heron and bald eagle pics from Bonnie Block and I know exactly where I am going to hand them in our new house!  That is the good news!


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