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Monday, October 14, 2013

Jet Update

This just popped up on his lip.  Maybe, it had been there for awhile, but I noticed it all of a sudden.  I was hoping it was a red ant, bee sting or spider bite, but I kind of knew in my gut it wasn't.  It is soft and it itches.  I tried benadryl at first which knocked Jet out, but it really didn't stop the itching.

I showed my Vet and he thought it to be something autoimmune.  I'm not sure I agreed.  I had prednisone at the house and started him on a week of tapering steroids.  Bummer...it still is bothering him and he is salivating more, too.

I contacted a Veterinarian I used to do agility with....a really sharp gal.  I sent her this photo.  If not a spider bite, guessing it might be cutaneous lymphoma.  We will need to do a biopsy.  Can't do one right now since I have him on the steroids.

I have been reading about cutaneous lymphoma.  Not good.  Probably arising from a distant metastasis. Makes me so sad.  Only treatment if this is the case is chemotherapy.  I don't think we are going there at 13 yrs. of age.  

Good thing is that Jet has felt like a puppy on the steroids :0)  I know dogs tolerate chemo pretty well, but we already know he has a mass on his kidney.  I don't think we will pursue treatment if this is lymphoma.  We will just try to keep him as comfortable as we can.

Getting older isn't for sissies...

I judged an AKC trial on Saturday.  Sunday I took Jet and Trouble to the trial for a few hours.  Jet was so happy to visit.  I asked him to cross his paws for Mike.  Mike said, "He still has it." :0)  I think I saw Jet wink.

LOVE this dog

Both Trouble and Jet came to enjoy the sunshine.
Trouble has her eyes closed and is counting to TEN for her LUNCH.  She didn't just come to visit, she came for Kathy's most fabulous lunch.
She got her polish sausage for lunch.  So did Jet and I.

Ted and Kathy
They come to all of the AVSC events and make the most terrific lunches and desserts.  When I'm not working dogs, I come just for the lunch :0)  I'm with Trouble.  LOL


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Love that Jet. I let Tess do whatever she wanted...on her last day, she was adamant about working sheep and the poultry, swimming, fetching and being super active......love them in the golden years of their life and spoil them rotten....give Jet a hug from us

Mary Ann said...

Definitely not for sissies. My border collie is still young, but I have a 13 year old greyhound who is struggling with some significant arthritis. We keep him comfortable and love on him as much as we can. DeltaBluez is right--spoil 'em as much as possible.

gvmama said...

He's eating ground turkey now instead of canned dog food with a little grain free dry kibble and all of his supplements. I think he eats healthier than we do. He can have and do whatever he wants with in reason! I will never have another JET in my lifetime. I know that.
Love this dog almost more than my own life.

Karen said...

Sweet Jet. It's so hard when our dogs get old and the body starts to fall apart. Jet and I have never met, but I feel I know him from all you've written. Give him some some lovin' from me.

Anonymous said...

Hug the old guy for me.